Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Is It About Men....

...that they can't seem to put anything were it really belongs?

My husband is a very organized man, and when he cleans, he REALLY cleans. However, he has this wonderful trait about him that things just manage to get left around the apartment. This didn't use to bother me so much, but now it makes me want to spit nails.

For instance, Ben goes through work pants very quickly. They rip out or get faded or stained. I just bought him two new pairs. Somehow, the tags from the pants ended up on the bathroom counter. The trash is seriously less than a foot away under the sink!

Second example: when he gets in the shower, he leaves his underwear and Tshirts on the bathroom floor behind the door. And lets them pile up until the pile prevents the door from opening all the way. The hamper is across from the bathroom. And we have two hampers.

There are also soda cans that make it to the kitchen, just not the sink. Piles of change that dont' wuite make it to the bank bottle. Shoes that never quite reach the mat by the coat rack.

Seriously, it would take an extra 2 seconds.

I am sure that I do many things that annoy Ben, especially now that I am more moody and hormonal. My mood swings are quite rapid. I am just saying that these little things that didn't annoy me before, annoy me now. And given my hormonal state, I don't address them very well.

Anyhoo, tonight is our last Lamaze class. It is the breastfeeding and infant care class. We also have another appointment to look at a townhouse today. Yesterday's viewing went really well, so we will see what happens. Oh! I got my shower invitation yesterday...all Christmas-y and festive. :)

Also, my appetite has dropped this week. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I have to remember to tell him that I guess.

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