Monday, November 17, 2008

Is It Monday Already? :(

I really can't believe the weekend is gone already.

It was such a busy one though. On Friday, I took a half day at work and then went to help friend D with her babies. They are sooooo cute. I got to feed them and change them and cuddle them. And we went to the doctor to get their shots. It just about broke my heart to hear them cry.

I skipped the lecture on Friday night. The babies wore me out. No science geek for me.

I didn't wake up on time on Saturday. Orginally I planned to get up at 7 so I could get stuff done then take a nap in the afternoon. I didn't wake up until almost 10. I thought my husband had just turned off my alarm (I had alot of trouble sleeping that night. I woke up at 3 and didn't fall back asleep until about 5ish). He informed me that neither of us had turned the alarms on. Oops.

I went to the hospital to take my Glucola test and they gave me a really hard time. I got there at 10:30 and they close at 12. I realize it takes an hour. But they had an hour. After much pleading, they let me take it. I did not get the infamous orange drink, rather a lemon-lime drink. It tasted like Sprite left out for about a day, all flat and warm. After I left the hospital, I had to go to the ATM to transfer money to pay my health insurance through February. That way it is done and I don't have to worry about it. I just paid through January in case Peanut arrives early. Then I picked up Christmas mailings to stuff for the animal shelter. And then I went to the grocery, which was not the wisest move since all I had consumed that morning was the lovely drink for the blood test. I went way over the budget I set.

I tried to take a nap after I ate my lunch, but I couldn't fall asleep. I painted 10 of my train ornaments instead and did laundry, and made stew for dinner. Let me say, those little ornaments take quite a bit of time. It took a while to paint them and then to glue them together. Ben helped with the mailing, thank god.

On Sunday I met friend K in the City to start planning the baby shower. We had yummy lunch at Ele.phant and then went on a crusade for my travel system. The local (for that area) BRU did not have any in stock and the stock/sales man was a nasty pants. He informed us that the Sausalito store had 5 listed in their inventory, but it was really "hit or miss" and no he was not going to call for me. The girl who was orginally helping me, however, was an angel in disguise and called. They had them and were going to hold one for me! So K and I browsed the BRU universe and I showed her some of the stuff we had registered for. Then we went to Jo.Ann's to try to find some embellishment for my little trains. No such luck.

When I got home, Ben and I put the stroller together. No joke, I got all choked up thinking about how we would be putting together toys on Christmas Eve night to leave from Santa. And all the other things that we will put together for our son. I showed Ben how to fasten our Big O bear into the car seat, how the car seat fastened into the base, and how it fastened into the stroller. And then I pushed it around the apartment. I showed him where our diaper will go. We also played with the Baby Bjorn that we got from one of my coworkers, and is not optimal to try one of those things on with a preggo belly. It just is wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, it bodes to be a busy week this week. Lots to do. I have many appointments to look at new places to live, so fingers crossed! I have a jillion pictures to post. And another 28 trains to paint and assemble. Eeshk.

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CJ said...

WOW!! You have a lot going on! You sounded like me a month ago when i could move! Thanks for continuing to read my blog! I appreciate that. I smiled when you talked about putting together xmas gifts for your boy and we will be doing the same and they will be so excited!! I already want to buy them a train, so I can play with it and help put it together!! Or when they ride bikes, we all for can ride together! How fun! Gosh he is kicking me right now! Anyways, take it easy and try not to stress this week!