Friday, November 21, 2008

Pictures, Finally :)

The long awaited belly shot chronicles:

So I have been pretty bad with the belly shots. I kinda slacked on vacation. So I kinda had to be creative and poach some....

21 weeks preggers (actually 21w2d): Please ignore the uniboob.

The 22 week (actually 22w2d) belly shot, as a pregnant bridesmaid:

The 23 week picture is actually 22w5d. I am not even going to lie. The next few weeks were hectic and I am pretty sure I forgot week 24 and 25. I thought I took them but maybe not. I have to search.

Ok, I know this is week 26:

And week 27 (note the stroller and box in the background! :) ):

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CJ said...

Nice photos!! Look great!