Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Steps

Well, small steps anyway.

I have been so horrible at updating people and keeping in contact with family and friends over this past month. I feel like time has just been flying by, and the countdown to Peanut's arrival is dwindling. While I am so incredibly anxious to meet my precious son, I feel like there is just not enough time until then! Did I mention that I feel like he is going to come early?

Anyway, Ben and I have been so busy over the past month, but we were discussing everything we have accomplished the other night and it made us pretty happy:

-Ben has gotten settled into his new job, and is doing well. We got all the insurance stuff squared away and we are paid up until the end of February. We have all the forms ready to switch me and the baby over to his plan in March.

-WE FOUND A NEW PLACE TO LIVE! We found out that we got the rental house we applied for. It's a beautiful house, with 3 bedrooms and a huge huge garage/basement. Even better, there is a big yard that we don't have to maintain because the rent includes a weekly gardner! We are starting to move in this weekend and will continue over the next week finishing next weekend. The house in the town where we both work, so our commutes have been cut into 5 minutes a piece.

-The baby showers are underway and invitations for both have gone out or are going out within the next week or so. I am really exciting for them.

-I filled out all my hospital paperwork for my admittance for delivery. I also have all the paperwork for deferring my student loan payments and credit card payments during my maternity leave. All we have to do is mail it in.

-We bought a washer and dryer. This was the first major appliance that we have bought together and it makes us feel like real adults. (The ever active baby boy in my belly also brings this feeling.)

Even though I know there is still alot to take care of, and many many steps along the path to getting us back east and closer to family, we have taken quite a few of those steps.

And speaking of baby steps, Peanut will now respond to me if I push on my belly by his little feet. He kicks back. :) The other day, he was none to pleased and kicked me about 5 times in rapid succession. He got his point across.


CJ said...

Don't you just love the responses back! So fun! Thats awesome about your new rental home! YAY!! Showers are fun! Lots of presents! :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

SN said...

you're way ahead of me! I have my hospital paperwork, but it's been half filled out for weeks. You inspired me though and I WILL send it on Monday!!!