Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Baby's Head Fits Perfectly Into My Pelvis

Or so reads one of the affirmations give to me by my lamaze instructor.

And hopefully, the baby boy's head does. At least it better, because the past few days I have been able to feel my pelvis widening and opening. And it freakin hurts! It isn't so bad when I am sitting down, but walking and laying down kill me. Between that and the leg cramps at night, it has been so hard to get comfortable and sleep.

This widening started on Friday night when I was working at the concession stand with my husband's company. It hit all of a sudden and it kills. We had to leave early because I couldn't walk anymore. Seriously.

I had to use Saturday to recover. Yesterday was also really bad, but today feels a little better. Monday night's yoga was rough on it too.

Anyway, here's the baby and other happenings:

-I got in a fight with my pharmacist on Sunday. I had recently called my insurance company to find out if they cover any prenatal vitamins. They gave me a list. Being the genius that I am, I forgot to take this list to the doctor with me when I went. He said it was ok and he only wanted me to make sure they had high folic acid and DHA. He wrote me a prescription for "prenatal vitamins" and said just to tell the pharmacist which one I wanted. So I took my prescription in. Well, the tech didn't know anyting. Literally. Every question I asked her, her response was "I don't know." Did she check on anything? Nope. When I asked her if they carried any of the 3 vitamins on my list? "I don't know." SHE DIDN"T EVEN LOOK! Finally, she passed me off to the pharmacist because I asked her the difference between the vitamins I was on and the one vitamin she managed to find (which was not on my list). Now, I don't expect the pharmacist to know every thing about every drug. I dont' expect him to have answers to all my questions, but I do expect he would know how to find the answer or could recommend something. Maybe that is unreasonable. I should add that I was being overly polite and calm at this point even though I wanted to strangle the tech girl. Well, the pharmacist had never heard of any of the vitamins on my list. Which was fine. However, he asked "why I even was asking about them as my prescription didn't order those." I explained the situation. He then said to me that all the ones on my list would have to be special ordered. I said that was fine. This apparently was not what the pharmacist wanted to hear. He then said to me "You need to pick one that is already here. You are making this into more work for us." Yep, I was angry to say the least. I did not respond kindly. I made Ben go back to pick up the vitamins (I just got the ones they had). I called my doctor on Monday and he faxed a new prescription to the other pharmacy in town.

-Babies R Us sent me an email yesterday informing "Melissa" that some of the items on my registry had been discontinued or had limited availability. There were about 8 things on the list, and some of them weren't such a big deal, like pacifiers and the nasal aspirator. What stressed me out was the travel system and the crib. Seriously, it me and Ben about 2 hours to pick out the stroller system. And about as long to pick the crib and nursery furniture. I freaked. No kidding. After a frantic call to my mother, she agreed to buy the travel system. Ben is calling his parents today about the furniture. I had to add some stuff to the Target registry to have some product overlap, but it should be ok. The Target one is only for the CA shower anyway and that is only because I don't want to go back to Babies R Us to add stuff. That store stresses me out. It's too overwhelming.

-There are new condos being built between my work and Ben's work. We could both walk to work. The sign says they will be ready by January 09 which would be perfect since our lease is up the end of December. However, when I called the new ones will not be available until March. There are some that are being renovated that will be ready sooner. Those condos do not have W/D and I forgot to ask about hookups. The agent said we could lease one of the renovated ones and then have the first new one that became available. I talked to Ben about this, and we really dont' want to move twice. He also asked me a bunch of things that I forgot to ask the agent, which is highly unlike me. Preggo Brain strikes again.

-Baby Boy moves all the time. ALL THE TIME. Ben saw my stomach move the other day, but he hasn't felt it yet. The baby really likes OSU football games. :) Or he just likes how excited we get during the games.

-We have decided we want a natural childbirth. Or as natural as possible. We are realistic people, and understand that birth plans change. However, I do not appreciate people telling me that I am crazy or that I will never be able to do it. That is not supportive and extremely unwelcomed. Like, if one more person tells me that, I might hit them.

-Totally unrelated, we just finished "The Business of Being Born." It was very eye-opening. I really enjoyed it and it gave me alot of information. It isn't the reason we decided on the birth we wanted, but the information sure helped us make the decision. The main thing that I am trying to remember is that my body was designed to give birth. It knows what to do and how to prepare. And that the pain of birth is a beautiful and natural pain.

Tonight is C-section and Intervention night at Lamaze class. I am interested to see how it goes. Back to the house hunt for me! :)

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SN said...

I just watched the Business Of Being Born too! It made me wish that I had a midwife instead of a OB/Gyn. Next time !!!!