Thursday, November 6, 2008

A quick note

Just a quick update from yesterday's appointment.

I hate drinking all that water. I was in pain again. Why they needed more pictures of the placenta and my cervix again was beyond me. They were fine the last time.

Anyway, the baby boy was all curled up and asleep, making it somewhat difficult to get the pictures needed but it went ok. He kept kicking his feet out as if to say "leave me alone! I'm sleeping! Go away!" I did get some cute pictures of his little kicking feet.

His heart rate was good at 148 bpm. And he is definately growing on track.

Lamaze class went well too. We worked on breathing exercises and labor positions. Ben was really into it last night and actually asked alot of questions as well. I asked my normal 200 questions. :) I get my money's worth.

I will post the feet pictures soon. I had a meeting this morning that was supposed to take until early afternoon, but let out way early. That brought me back to the office instead of the short afternoon I was supposed to have. I figured it is better to work. :)

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Wow- lamaze. I'm not sure when they will tell us to start that. Is it scary?