Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Day #7

Today is a busy day. Things have settle down a bit at work, and I finally feel caught up with work stuff. Now I just have to work on the home stuff.

I have my follow-up ultrasound today. My sheet ordering the ultrasound clarifies that it is to visualize the heart, kdineys, and diaphragm. I am just excited to see my little boy again and see how much he has grown in the past 6 weeks. I feel him move all the time now and it is stronger every day. I am getting pretty excited.

As the days fly by, it seems it is more and more about the baby with every one. The amount of baby stuff we are receiving in the mail increases every day. The countdown is now under 100 days. Wow.

The baby registeries are done. I think I said that before, but now I really mean it. I have edited and added and all that stuff. They only thing we are still out on is the bumbo. I can't decide if my baby needs one. It seems to me if we have a high chair, it is unnecesary. However, I am open to suggestion on this matter. My mother is doing the shower invites for Ohio this weekend. I have ordered the train kits and bought the necessary craft supplies. I may need to get some more stuff depending on what the actual pieces look like and such.

As for how I am feeling....I am hungry all the time. All the time. The cravings are in full swing. I have not made my husband venture out for anything at this point, but he knows that those days are numbered. My belly shots will be coming, I promise. I have like 6 to post. I may need to poach some, as I was not so diligent in taking them while on vacation. The acne is clearing up on my face, for which I am thankful. I discovered that if I don't spray perfume on my neck/chest region, the acne stays at a minimum. My eyes are hella dry. I wake up with crusties every morning and have to put in drops several times a day. I have no real signs of strech marks (knock on wood). My hands and feet are quite swollen and I am thrilled if I can get my wedding band off in the morning. I have been sleeping much better and usually only wake up once or twice a night, usually to pee. However, I have been so tired lately, I opt to hold it and go back to sleep, which makes me wake up a bit earlier but has been working out ok.

Oh! and I am getting leg cramps. Man, oh man, do those suckers KILL. Just in one leg, I think my right. If my bladder doesn't wake me up, that will. I have been strecthing out my legs before I go to sleep like my yoga instructor suggested. She said it would make them less intense. If this is less intense, then I don't want to see what the full on one is. Lord, how am I going to handle contractions?

Speaking of which, we have our third Lamaze class this evening as well. We are starting to work on our birth plan. I have been reading up on different drugs and stuff. And I started watching "The Business of Being Born." This is what we have so far:

1. My husband is to be present with me at all times.
2. We want minimal/no staff in the room unless necessary to have more. We will call for the nurse in between if we need something.
3. I do not want to be offered drugs. I want to ask for them.
4. I want to avoid an epidural. If I ask for drugs I want a light narcotic (I have names but don't want to see like a druggie) to take the edge off only.
5. I do not want to be induced unless absolutely necessary.
6. Any exam done on the baby must be done in the presence of me or my husband.
7. I want every procedure suggested to be thoroughly explained to me. All windows of opportunity must be explained as well.
8. No bottles or pacifiers are to be given to the baby. Breastfed only.

It is going to be a busy few weeks. So much to get done. :)

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