Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Day #8

Yesterday I had my routine monthly OB appointment. This one took a bit longer and was a bit more complicated for a couple reasons:

1. I failed the glucose test. My glucose was too high. This doesn't necessarily mean I have gestational diabetes, but it warrants another round of testing. The doctor explained that although diet can play some component in this screening, it is mostly determined by the placental hormones and genetics. No one in my family has diabetes, but my grandpa does have a higher blood sugar. So I made an appointment to next Friday morning (not about the Black Friday shopping after 5 years of retail), and hopefully everything will go OK.

2. My blood pressure was a little high. Not crazily high, but high for what it has normally been for me. This led to a conversation about sleeping and stress. You can guess how that went.

3. My weight gain is still a bit low. We had to talk about the importance of consistent weight gain in these last months.

4. I am having good ol' Braxton Hicks contractions. At first I thought it was Peanut kicking really hard. They have been happening on and off over the past few days, and usually catch me off guard and cause me to wince slightly. However, while the doctor was listening for Baby Boy's heartbeat, I felt one and told the doctor. He felt my stomach and said no, that is a BH contraction. He explained the tightening and so on.

5. We talked about what kind of birth I want. My friend J got induced this week and was in labor yesterday morning. And I had seen those wonderful intervention sequences in the recently watched "The Business of Being Born." I told him we wanted to go as natural as possible, but not completely rule out drugs. He said we would try for as natural as I wanted.

6. We talked about when I should stop working (my boss is interviewing for my temp). My EDD is February 13. The doctor said as long as I am feeling fine and not showing any signs of labor or complications, I should be able to work up until around then. If the EDD rolls around and there is nothing happening yet, he said that I can't work past that. Well, he said it isn't encouraged. I will be going in for check ups every few days. He won't let me go past 42 weeks before he would induce labor. However, if I make it to 42 weeks, I most likely won't need induction anyway. Anyway, I signed my insurance forms and discussed my paperwork with the receptionists.

It wasn't a bad visit, just not the best one I have had.

And we haven't heard anything back about the rental we applied for on Wednesday. How long does it normally take to hear? I am so anxious to get this next step of relocation completed.

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