Thursday, December 4, 2008

I just wanna sleeeeeeeepppppp.....

It has been a crazy busy week.

Starting with the Thanksgiving prep last week on Wednesday...I made two pies, meatballs, and my husband's deviled eggs (Note: I usually do way more than this for snacking food during the day. I scaled back and we each picked one food we wanted). Ben actually woke up early on Thanksgiving Day and cleaned up the kitchen for me. The turkey went into the oven, and the day was pretty easy compared to other years. The rolls didn't rise correctly, so I may have goofed the yeast somehow. We had a good day and the clean up went really fast. I ate alot. In fact, I was the only one whoe ate everything on their plate and I had a second helping that night.

I slept in the next day. I decided to go into work later because Ben and I wanted to get our washer and dryer after he got off work. The day was pretty slow, but I got a lot done at work. By the time we actually got to Bes.t Bu.y, the Black Friday craziness had died down. We got our washer and dryer set for a great price, and we also got a freezer for the basement for when I start to pump and go back to work. We browsed a little bit and looked at some different electronics. Of course, Ben wanted the 62 inch plasma that cost as much as a car. We did find a printer we liked, but it was not on sale. After we left, we had to run next door to De.pot because Ben had to get printer ink for work. We browsed a little there, and noticed that the printer we had wanted was $30 off there! But...they were out. The good news: Bu.y did a price match, so we ended up taking it home. :) It will print really nice photos, so we were happy.

Saturday was filled with errands and train painting. I have 34 done. We packed Saturday night. Let me tell you, I am a horrible packer. I start going through things and organizing, and I usually end up with several big messy piles. We were only planning to move our guest room on Sunday. This is the room where I dump everything that does not have a place somewhere else, so it ends up being one big clusterf#$k of stuff. It took quite a bit of time, and I am pretty sure it traumatized the cats. Sunday, we picked up the moving truck and then Cousin A. We loaded up everything we could, and were on our way to the new place. We got everything unloaded and the landlord met us to sign the lease and collect my bank account for the security deposit and 1st month's rent. :( Then we helped pick up our replacement fridge which was pretty far and pretty strenuous...on Ben at least. I didn't have to really lift anything all day :). Yay for Peanut. We didn't get home until almost 8 and it was a long day.

Work week started good. My temp has been hired, which is kinda wierd, but oh well. It has just proven to be a busy busy week with lots going on in the office. We have been moving stuff everyday, which has made me very very tired. We took last night off and watched the VS Fashion Show (old habits die hard ;) ) The kitties are going nutso in a bare apartment. I have to look for soem rugs tonight, because we have all hardwood floors in the new place. We are hemorraging money right now with the two residences and bills. I just havent' found anything I really like. I am very picky. :)

Tomorrow morning I have to take my 3 hour glucola test. :( Fingers crossed. Then starts a busy weekend to finish moving.

I have been fighting with our current apartment managers because they have all these insane security deposit deductions for cleaning and such. I am sorry, but 3 years in an apartment constitutes different wear and tear than does 1 year. And I don't believe for one second that my apartment was thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners before I moved in. I believe the maintenance man cleaned it, sure. But is he a professional cleaner? Most likely not. The whole situation just irritates me. I am not a happy renter.

In terms of Peanut: the belly continues to grow. I am not even going to lie. I spaced on taking the 28 week and 29 week belly pictures. Today marks 30 weeks! Only 10 weeks to go! Yikes and Yippee! He still moves alot and Ben felt him kick for the first time on Saturday night. :) The cats feel him quite frequently. I am getting alot more winded when I do alot of walking. If I am doing anything but sitting down when I am talking on the phone, I sound like I am running a marathon. I am excited to go back to Ohio for the baby shower.

Ugh, I am sooooo tired.

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The Grady Chronicles said...

I remember being enraged over the 'deduction' of the security deposit sheet. I had spent like an hour thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator and then found out it only amounted to like $15. It was awful, there were a lot of tears, and I was not pregnant!!!! I hope the rest of the move goes quickly and smoothly for you.