Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Know You Are Getting a Baby Belly When.... suck in your tummy as hard as you can and it doesn't get any smaller.

I noticed this this morning when I was putting on my jeans and they felt a little snugger. Granted, they were jeans that I had just washed and dried, so they were a little tight anyway, but nothing a little sucking in can't help. Thus, the countdown to the bella band has begun. Is it wrong that I want to start wearing it early so I can get out my skinny jeans? :) Probably.

Also, I was talking to someone about my nausea and how it comes mostly in the evening, and rationalized something in my head. Due to my inheritance of insomnia, the doctor ok'ed me taking Tylenol PM. He said it was ok because the dosage of Tylenol is really low and that one of the active ingredients is also used in anti-nausea medication for pregos. I am thinking that on the nights that I do take it, I don't feel sick in the morning because of this? And consequently, I don't feel sick until it all wears off? Is this possible?


zarafa said...
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zarafa said...

yep. diphenhydramine stays in your system for roughly 24 hours so it could still be suppressing the nausea. though if you are only taking it for sleep, you ought to just be taking Benadryl and then you wouldn't even have to worry about the Tylenol.

Benadryl = diphenhydramine 25 mg
Tylenol PM = Acetaminophen 500 mg + diphenhydramine 25 mg

its the diphenhydramine that makes you sleepy. just sayin... t

The Grady Chronicles said...

My good friend just had a baby and her morning sickness was actually an evening sickness as well!