Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walk This Way

After the last Gui.tar Hero was released, I have to admit that I became a fanatic. Although I am not that good, there is something very fun about pretending to be a rockstar. :) And of course, my husband, his twin, and their twin cousins are big fans as well. We reserved our copy of G.uitar Hero: Aer.osmith in like, March or something ridiculous. And on Sunday, we finally go to pick it up. I tried to play it for a while on Sunday, but I was feeling the side effects of pregnancy. Ben, however, played it for about 4 hours, in order to beat the easy mode. Last night we were playing again, and it is soooo much fun. I, of course, play on easy and struggle through some of the harder songs. Ben is now playing on medium. Any Aero.smith fans out there know that Joe Pe.rry is a beast on the guitar and even in an easy mode, it can be pretty challenging. We went to see Aer.osmith in concert a few years back, and the makers of this game did a very good job in capturing the essence of Stev.en Tyler and his mic stand twirling, among other things. It is pretty cool, and I am not a big video game fanatic (except for that old game "Pitf.all" on Ata.ri. :) )Tomorrow we are having our 4th of July cookout and I am sure I will be hearing Aerosmith all day long.

I also forgot to mention that I did, in fact, get my bloodwork done on Saturday. It was not so bad. The whole process only took about 30 minutes, so I was pretty happy with that. I hardly felt the needle go into my arm, however; I did feel the warm blood running out of my arm through that little tube into the 7 vials that needed filled. Apparently my doctor wanted a lot of testing done. The tech that took my blood was fairly nice and he tried to make small talk with me. I stared at pictures of hospital personnel pets the whole time, which were plastered to the wall next to testing station. He kept asking how I was doing, and I kept saying "fine, how many more do you have?" He chose to respond to this with "Aw, this is nothing. You are going to have to give birth to your baby!" Nice. Crap Weasel. I do not appreciate it when men say this because honestly, how the hell would you know what it is like to give birth? And for the record, at this point I am planning on having as close to a natural childbirth as I can, but we will see as time goes on. I don't like to think about the pain, because I am a big wuss. I will worry more about this in about....6 or 7 months. K, thanks.

I am seriously craving BK chicken fries today. I think it may be time to take an early lunch. Hmmmm...with a frozen coke....yummmmm. Can you tell my appetite is back? :)

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