Monday, July 14, 2008

Sicky McNauseous

The ways that Sara can tell her body is no longer her own:

1. As the title implies, my nausea is increasing on a daily basis. I will say that I am lucky enough not to be throwing up on a daily basis, but my tummy is not happy with me. Smells, tastes, even thoughts of certain smells or tastes will set me off in a wave of gagging. The big triggers thus far: Smoke, hot dogs, sausage of any kind, kraft mac and cheese, and 409 spray cleaner. And this is not a nausea that I have ever felt before. It is completely unlike those drank too much, touch of the flu, motion sickness types.

2. It feels like someone pounded on my boobs with a meat tenderizer.

3. My sense of smell is so heightened, I could probably moonlight as a police dog and sniff out missing persons and drugs. This does not help with the nausea.

4. I am tired ALL THE TIME. But, I can never get good sleep at night due to hunger, bathroom breaks, thirst, or husbands snoring in my ear. Oh, I get about 8 hours a night because I lay down at about 9, but it is not a constant rest. I think about naps 95% of the time I am awake.

5. I am not not hungry due to the nausea. But when I get hungry, I get hungry 0 to STARVING in 5 seconds. All of a sudden my stomach feels completely empty. And like I said before, I have to eat what sounds good at the time and I have to eat it fast before the smells and tastes can fully effect me. Numbers 4 and 5 together help to illustrate that my body is no longer responding to my schedule but that of Peanut's.

6. I have to pee about every 20 minutes (maybe this is a slight exaggeration...). I have to pee even when I haven't drank anything in a few hours.

7. My nose is drier than the California landscape this time of year. And I sneeze frequently.

8. My waistline is thickening. And my lower stomach has become hard as a rock, and not because I am getting a six pack.

9. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Bizzarro things set me off. Like yesterday, I was watching a show that had a Christmas carol playing in the background and I started bawling. I can also pull a Sybill moment at any point throughout the day.

10. I have the worst indigestion and heartburn I have ever had. Oh, and did I mention the gas?

11. I have more acne than I did at 16. My face is so oily, its a wonder OPEC has not come after me yet.

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