Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cranky Pants

I have been extremely irritable and cranky today. I don't know whether it is the prego hormones or I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or what. I slept almost all the way through the night, until about 5 am, which is usually when the hubby's alarm goes off for work and I get up to go the bathroom (I usually wake up about 4 times to pee or drink water throughout the night), and then went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:30. I couldn't get up just yet so I reset the alarm for 6:50, which gives me just enough time to get ready for a curly hair day. I have to admit that lately, I am needing those extra 20 minutes and alot of the days have been curly hair days.

Anyway, I woke up in a less than desirable mood, and remembered a dream I had had about someone giving my kitty, Layla, a melatonin and letting her drown in the lake that I used to go up to for church camp. I spent most of the dream looking for her in the water and then reviving her, which I was able to do. What really disturbed me about the dream was that I think it was me that drugged the kitty and I felt horribly guilty when I realized she was drowning. Needless to say that when I woke up, I had to find her and cradle her and love her up a bit. I should also add that in this dream my apartment complex was on this lake, and all the stray cats that live around it were also in the dream. There were sea lions coming up on the beach and when they left to go fish hunting, the stray cats waded into the water. My husband questioned what the cats were doing and I responded that they were looking for sea lion poop to eat. I know, I am one odd duck.

The in laws were not awake when I got up and into the shower (did I mention that they are here for 11 days?), and I relished the quiet. They were awake before I left, and my stepfather in law is quite a talker, and I just can't bring myself to hush him. I am used to quiet mornings, and I was annoyed when I left for work. I was also a bit miffed that my husband had not been able to make a decision on whether or not they would be driving up to Bod.ega Bay and stopping to have lunch with me. I am a planner and I need to know these things, herego, I left with no lunch.

I stopped to get a chocolate milk and a breakfast bagel on the way to work and it tasted nasty, further fouling my mood.

Work has been fine, and the family did pick me up for more chocolate milk and an omelete (what I and Baby Lahman aka Peanut wanted). Granted it was about an hour after I normally eat lunch, but it's the thought right?

Whatever the reason is, I am just in a foul mood. I am exhausted and trying not to focus on disrupted home life (for the next 8 days). All I can think about is more chocolate milk.

In baby news, I received some more cute baby gifts which I will write about once I am in a better mood in order to do them justice (trust me, there are good stories for them). I have been able to keep my nausea at bay (see post below), and have measured my waistline and not noted any significant change. I have stopped losing weight, which makes me feel better (I know it is normal to lose weight in the early weeks, especially if you are tossing your tacos quite often), and I am still taking my walks. I haven't gotten the results from my bloodwork but I am assuming that everything is fine or I most definately would have heard something by now. Nevertheless, I think I will still continue to make Ben clean the cat box. I had to move the next doctor's appointment to July 24 (just back one day) so that Ben can come along and see Peanut.

I want to take a nap. :(

Sidenote: we have decided to nickname Baby Lahman Peanut as this is what shape he or she took in the first ultrasound.

My list of things to do:
1. Pick up chocolate milk
2. Refill prenatal vitamins
3. Pester mother about baby shower dates so plane tickets can be bought without filing bankrupcy.
4. Try to fill myself with optimism and sunshine


zarafa said...

sending mental sunshine your way!!

if you are allowed to take tylenol pm, you can take benedryl. its the same exact thing, just without the tylenol is all. up to you. you just said it was ok since it was low amounts of tylenol, so i thought i'd mention that you can get it without any tylenol at all if the doctor is concerned. did that make any sense at all??

Maylily18 said...

yes, i understand. i just didn't know if there were other things in benadryl that were bad for peanut. do you know anything about xylinol? my dentist said she wants me to start taking it because of my hick tooth.

zarafa said...

did know you replied to that... nope, there is nothing else in benedryl so peanut is safe.

don't know anything about xylinol but will look it up because i have nothing better to do :) well, i mean i could clean, or pack up the house... but i'd rather not.