Friday, July 11, 2008

Prego Dreams

So last night I had a dream that all of the teeth on the upper right side of my mouth fell out and to get to the dentist to put them back in, I had to climb up this ladder and walk across a tiny metal ledge with flimsy pegs to hold onto. I should add that my teeth fell out while watching someone I knew if college get her wedding pictures taken and her dress was changing from pink to blue (like in Sleeping Beauty).

Is pregnancy supposed to give me wierd dreams? This is the second night (see below post about cat dream).

I got very little sleep last night. I was so excited because my inlaws and my husband went to his brother's house to play B.and, and I got a few hours of relaxing silence before falling asleep. I woke up when every light in the apartment was turned on, doors were opening and closing with force, and a loud movie was blaring at about 12:30 AM. This mass of activity caused the cats to become wide awake and run amok because clearly it was "playtime." This included jumping and wrestling on the bed, knocking over lotion and perfume bottles on the dress, and yowling as loud as they could. I could not get back to sleep, and continued to wake up about every 30-60 minutes to go to the bathroom or drink. Oh, and someone who shall remain nameless turned off the air conditioner, which I need to have on. I must be bundled up and surrounded by cold.

And I have a splitting headache today.

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The Grady Chronicles said...

I have also been having really weird dreams, but I'm not so good at remembering them the next day. They seem so real when they are happening though and a lot of them are scary dreams.