Thursday, July 10, 2008


I also want to add that I was doing the math in my head and scrutinizing the calendar and I really don't think there is any way that I am due on the 13th of February. I think the first date of February 4th was more accurate. Seriously, I took 6 years of biology and other sciences, so I know the capabilities of sperm and eggs, etc. And more importantly, I definately remember the days that my husband and I spend together (as they can be few and far between) and when he was home early. More importantly I can remember when I was already in my pjs and half asleep when he came home. Bottom line, in order to get even close to that due date, Peanut would have had to been conceived immaculately.

I guess we will see what happens at the next doctor's appointment.

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zarafa said...

not that i wanted to know how often you guys do it or whatever... :)

but i wanted to add that i too am super excited to camera stalk your baby.