Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lazy Musings

So I have about 10 million to update and write about, but to be perfectly honest, once I get home and I sit on the couch and put my feet up...I am done. All I can think about from that point on is going to bed, but don't allow myself to do so as it is usually 5:30ish. During the day, I come up with all these things that need to get done and/or I want to do, and then it quickly becomes moo...a cow's doesn't count (I love "Fri.ends!"). I have just felt so completely wiped.

I have managed to take pictures of various cute baby things that we have received, as well as a picture of the 3 month baby belly. And I also got off my duff long enough to load Phot.oSho.p onto my laptop, which I suppose is a step in getting them posted.

So let's see...Baby Updates...I have a definite baby belly. And it doesn't look like flab, it looks like a baby belly. It actually appeared last week when a woman I work with put her hand on my stomach and said "look at your cute baby belly starting!" My pants are starting to get a bit snugger, and I have started to wear the Bella Band (not everyday...I still have some pants that fit fine.) Because of this new addition to my wardrobe, I have discovered that in order to hide the Band, I need to wear longer shirts. Herego, sometime this weekend I need to take inventory of my current wardrobe and move clothing suitable for maternity to the front and pack up that which is not. A while ago, I went shopping with my friend K, and we browsed maternity clothes. I have to say, I was none too thrilled. Plus, it is quite pricey! Granted we were at GA.P, but still. (Those of you who know me may be a bit shocked at my reserve for not dropping dollars as quickly as I used to...what can I say? Priorities have shifted I guess.) Nevertheless, I have decided to start shopping for maternity jeans, and have checked them out online at a few stores. I have a hard enough time finding jeans that fit my normal body, and am not looking forward to this challenge. I have enlisted the help of aforementioned K next weekend. I also found a place to buy cute baby-doll type shirts that are fairly cheap and made of stretchy and breathable fabrics (I spent the better part of lunch yesterday deciding what to purchase). 4 shirt for $60 didn't seem so bad (some of them were on sale). I want to get clothes that I can wear for a while, even after the baby is born. I don't want to just have a stash of maternity clothes.

Hmmm...what else. Like I mentioned before, my appetite is back in full force. I go from 0 to ravenous in about 3 seconds...I am not hungry at all and then all of a sudden I am starving and have to eat immediately. Due to this, my desk at work has become the office snack shop as I have a full array of crackers, chips, fruit, and candy. My nausea is almost completely gone (knock on wood), so I am able to eat more normally again. I have also developed some extreme mood swings and sensitive irritability. Case in point: earlier this week I was having, let's say bathroom complications, and it freakin hurt like a mother. My dear husband thought this was a good time to make fun of me, which caused me to become extremely angry (and smack his shoulder with more force than intended) and then 2 seconds later start crying uncontrollably.

In other news: My friend Daniela brought home one of her twins this week! Drey de la O was allowed to come home on Monday night. Drew is still in the NICU and has still been having Brady attacks. I have to give huge props to Daniela, because I don't even know how I would begin to handle a 2 year old, a new born that has just come home, and a new born still in the hospital. Hopefully, Drew will be able to join his family in a few days. He was the smaller and less developed of the two, but he has made enormous progress.

My husband and I have been browsing apartments and houses in, and are hoping to be able to move in early November. We have a pretty good idea of what we can afford and what we are looking for. As we were looking the other day, it dawned on both of us how our priorities and focus have shifted so suddenly. It's like we both realized we have this new purpose in our lives, and have something more meaningful to work toward.

Ok, I have written enough. Last thing: the profile picture I have put up is one of me with the boar statue at Via.nsa, an Italian winery just outside I have no idea why the statue is there, but it makes for interesting conversation and pictures.

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