Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bag Family

So, I have decided to change our name from "the Lahmans" to "the Bags." Yep, I think we have become the Bag Family.

The other night Ben was holding Isaac in front of the mirror so he could see his reflection and perhaps for a minute stop screaming. He likes this, I swear. We coo over him, all "Who is that HANDSOME baby? Who is that little STUD MUFFIN?" And he is just fascinated by that baby behind that magic silvery wall. It makes him happy and laugh and smile. At least for a little while.

So as I was washing the days soil and toil off my face, Isaac was getting pretty darn fussy. Ben brought him into the bathroom because I had said "Just let me wash my face and I will take him." Apparently that meant IMMEDIATELY after I washed my face. Whatevs. I was fine with it.

After washing my face, I looked up from the sink and saw the reflection of our family in the mirror. ALL OF US HAD HUGE DARK BAGS UNDER OUR EYES. Yep, even Isaac.

My family's new haggard appearance is due to our poor baby boy's teeth and ears. And the fact that he has decided he doesn't want to sleep. EVER. So when something hurts, it hurts an EXHAUSTED baby. Seriously, he never wants to sleep. I don't know why, he just is going through that phase. That means that I don't sleep. And Ben can't sleep (Although he sleeps more than me...that's another story).

We were trying to establish some "healthy sleep patterns" before the teething/ear infection debaucle. Now, I am just happy if he sleeps PERIOD. I try to put him in the crib and for the most part he sleeps there for a while. But when he wakes up, or starts crying in his sleep rather, sometimes it is just easier to pull him in bed with me. He is also going through a phase in which he doesn't like to be in close proximity to anyone when he sleeps. So when I fall asleep feeding him or he falls asleep while I rock him, he eventually starts to squirm. He likes to have his space. But...when he doesn't feel good he wants held. So it's like hit or miss when he wakes up and I try to put him back down.

He isn't really sleeping much at night now.

And he doesn't sleep at daycare either. Miss K told me yesterday that he napped for 8 minutes. Then woke up all cranky and screaming.

At this point I don't really even know how much pain he is actually in, because I think the exhaustion is exponentially increasing it. He is just pissed at the world. He doesn't eat as much as normal, but again, I think that is because he is tired. I have called the pediatrician and they are very patient with me. They say I can bring him in if I want to. They keep asking the same questions and I keep giving the same answers. No, he doesn't have a fever. No, his eruption cysts are not bloody. No, he isn't pulling at his ears so much anymore, no more than before. BUT HE WON'T SLEEP AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING!

Isn't there a pill for that? Or don't you have some magic answer for me?


Ok, well we will just make do. We'll get through it. It's just a phase.

Just call us the Bag Family. Dark circles under your eyes are sexy, right?

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Good luck! It can only get better, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!