Friday, August 21, 2009

Where Credit Is Due

My husband and I have been together for over 11 years, married for 4. Like every couple, we have our share of ups and downs. And we have our differences. In my opinion, it is not what you have in common that makes a marriage work, it is how you handle the things you don't.

Having a baby, it changes things. The relationship between me and my husband has changed about 400 times since the double pink line appeared. In some respects, it has gotten harder, some easier.

I have to say since the PPD came into play, my husband has really stepped it up. He was actually the first to say something (I swear he read those pamphlets we got from the hospital every night. He had the symptoms memorized.). Anyway, he has been helping out alot more, even with things not in his comfort zone. He is concerned about me and the baby. And he is proving that he is the bestest husband I ever could have asked for. Snaps for Ben! :)

Monday night was a bad night. He and BIL were have one of their parties on the patio and I was not sleeping well. Isaac woke up at 1. The damn cat was being clingy and followed me into his room. I fed him on the couch and carried him back to the crib. It was at that moment the Guiliani jumped up on the crib tent and woke him up again. Sigh. I rubbed his back but no go. Picked him back up and booted the cat.

I had just gotten him back to sleep when Guiliani hurt something rustling behind the blinds on the window closest to the crib. I had heard it, but honestly didn't care if it was a big spider or Sa.tan himself. I just wanted to put Isaac down and go back to bed. Guiliani however...he cared and needed to get back there NOW.

Yep, baby woke up again. And this time he was up and ready to party. DAMN CAT.

At 3 am, I couldn't take it anymore. Isaac was screaming because he is teething and didn't want to sleep. He wanted to nurse more and I had been nursing for 2 hours now, so I was out. DRY. I defrosted a bottle. And I went to get Ben.

He must have heard the desperation in my voice. He woke up and took the fussy teething baby. And I got his bottle ready. I was standing up in the kitchen sleeping pretty much when I heard these beautiful words:

"Honey, go back to sleep. I don't have to work tomorrow. I will take the baby."

Oh. My. God.

I was soooo happy. I was back in bed before he could change his mind.

When my alarm went off at 6:00, I found them asleep on the couch. I fed Isaac and put him in his swing to snooze. Ben went to bed. The day went on as normal, me going to work and Isaac going to daycare until mid-afternoon when Ben picked him up.

I was so grateful to my husband. He has been my favoritest person this week, just because of that. And he brought me home a chiliburger last night. ;) BIG FAT GREASY CHILIBURGER. mmmmmmmmm.

And now it is Friday. Isaac has been up and down the past few nights, with teething. And apparently a double ear infection, so says the pediatrician this morning. His first ear infection. Overacheiver had to have it in both ears. :( He was clawing at his ears and literally pushed my hand away from his head. It isn't bad enough for anitbiotics, just keep up with his pain medicine and keep his head dry.

And he also has some bling, in the form of a holistic teething necklace from India that my Dr (who is from Brooklyn btw) SWEARS by. It's like a magic necklace.

Honestly, I am so desperate, I WILL TRY ANYTHING! I just want to sleep! And of course, I don't want my baby to be in pain anymore. But, SLEEEEEEPPPPP.


Anonymous said...

Boo for a crapified few days, but yay for a hubby who can make you happy when you need it most! Hope this PPD is on its way out, I just can't imagine. Thinking of you! xo

Andrea said...

Yay for awesome husbands!!!

I sure hope Isaac feels better soon! Poor baby. :-(

Your story about the cat worries me. I can imagine similar instances happening at my house. Where did you get the crib tent?