Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's High in the Middle and Round on the Ends?


Having lived in Ohio for 20+ years, I had never heard that song until my husband sang it to Isaac before we left for our trip in July for K's wedding. Seriously. Never.

Anyway, Isaac and I had alot of fun in Ohio. The trip definately was not long enough. We never get enough time to visit our family and friends, and it always seems like we are running, running, running from one place to another. We had a family cookout for him on Sunday so we got to see alot of family and catch up a little. Isaac loves his Ohio family. :)

I know he is too little to understand how far away we live and how hard it is. Ben and I want him to be able to see where we grew up and the things we appreciate and love. The things we miss, and the things that just aren't the same out here. Like looking through Pappy's telescope at the stars and Orio.n's Ne.bula. Stopping at Tiny's for Ducky Bars. Getting chicken at the Chic.ken Fe.sti.val. Night fishing at the reservoirs. So many things that we grew up with that we just don't have time to do when we go back for a visit.

It's hard. And it sucks, for everyone. But this is the life we have and we have to make the most of the situation until we can change it (and that will take moolah...lots of it).

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Do you ever wonder why people with money are so unhappy? I feel like if we just had a little more money how could we be unhappy- everything would be so much easier!!!

There is no place like home. I agree.