Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nope. No way. Not possible. There is no way that 7 MONTH OLD BABY is my child.

This is my baby. See? 7 days old.

Or this is my baby. 7 weeks old.

How on earth is it possible that it has been 7 MONTHS since my baby Isaac was born?

I just can't fathom that this little boy who is rolling like a log, babbling up a storm, screeching because he can, cutting teeth, army crawling across the floor and my bed, feeding himself puffs and cheerios, and sitting up on his own is my teeny baby.

That little guy who has had his first ear infection (or double one for that matter), says ah da da da da da!, grabs at the kitties as they come in close vicinity, responds to his name, rides in the stroller like a big boy, loves Handy Manny, and eats almost every fruit and veggie imaginable just can't be mine.

My little boy. 7 months today. I am happy and sad all at once. I am excited to see him grow and proud of the progress he has made. But sad as each day slips by because it is so precious. It's no wonder people get pregnant again, especially within the year after a baby is born. I miss my newborn! He's growing up so
And PS. Vote for Isaac in this Cutest Baby Contest! You can vote once a day!


Stacie said...

Aww, Happy 7 Months Isaac.

Gail said...

He's such a little man. How sweet! I can't believe in a few short months it'll be one year!

The Grady Chronicles said...

It's so bittersweet!!! As much as I miss the newborn phase seeing how tired your husband looked in the week 7 pictures brought back some sleep deprived memories! Good luck with the contest and thanks for your comment on bananas- it was just what I needed ;)