Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just a quick update to say that we made it safely and uneventfully to Ohio! Isaac screamed through the airport out of hunger and then slept the entire flight, only briefly waking to eat once. He is having a great time meeting all his family and being spoiled and cuddled. He adjusted to the 3 hour time difference really well and his normal schedule is only off about 45 minutes, if that.

Ben and I had our first night out, sans baby last night. It went really well. We just went out to dinner at an old favorite restuarant and did some quick shopping. It was wierd to be without Isaac, but he was with my parents so I felt really comfortable. I only called once to check on him and that was more to see if I needed to come home to feed him anytime soon. I guess he took his bottle really well last night. :) Maybe the anti-fake nipple phase is over.

I love how he is getting tired out during the day! The past two nights he has slept in a 6 hour and 3 hour block. It's nice.

Today is his dedication and fish fry. He is already up and ready to party! :)

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SN said...

we have our first airplane ride tomorrow...glad to hear yours went well! I hope my guy chooses to sleep though...he's not much of a daytime sleeper yet, and h still nurses to sleep.