Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two and Nine

Isaac hit his two month mark, and shortly after, his nine week mark. This past month has marked a whirlwind of change in him and me. We'll start with him first. :)

The Isaac Update:

His second month was full full full of firsts. He is now sleeping in his bassinet and has a normal sleep schedule. He usually goes down for the first time at 9-10, but sometimes earlier. He wakes up to eat about 1-2, and then goes back to sleep until about 5-7. Anytime he wakes up in this range, we get up and un-swaddle him, and change his diaper. He eats and then I pump the other side. Then he lays in the boppy while I eat breakfast and clean up for the morning. When he starts to get fussy, he finishes off what ever residual milk I have and then usually takes a 2-3 hour nap in his swing, for which he coos himself to sleep...which brings me to another first. He can get himself to sleep without nursing and with being fully awake to start. He also started laughing! It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. What did I do to make him laugh? Well...I sang "My Hu.mps." I changed it to "all that junk in your baby trunk...and my little baby lumps." He smiles in response to us and has cooing conversations with us. He started "roaring" which is a very forceful sound he makes that involves several g's and r's in a coo. It kinda sounds like a "ggggrrrrrooooo." He loves his bath now and I have a hard time taking him out because he is so happy in it.
He kicks his legs NON STOP. :) He discovered his hands and theyare constantly in his mouth. Pacifiers and bottles are not doing it for him right now...only flesh. Tia Hessie paid him a visit and he got his first Spanish lessons and his first trips to the beach and Pie.r 3.9 to see the stinky ol' sea lions.

Just before his two month Dr. appointment, Isaac woke up sick. :( His first bout of not feeling well with a fever began. He felt warm and wasn't eating. All he wanted to do was sleep. I took his temp and it was at 98.9, not too bad. He took his morning nap. When he woke up and wouldn't eat, I took it again. 99.1. I took a shower and took it again. 99.7. I called his pediatrician and we went into and saw...wait for it...the NP. :( She had no answers and his temp wasw 100.0. But because he was so little and hadn't had any shots yet, she and I guess the ped. in the office that day (there are several, mine was not there), thought he should go to the ER. I almost cried. I went home and ate lunch and got dressed. I wasn't going to wake the baby who had fallen asleep in the car. He woke up and ate really well and his temp was back down to 98.8. I decided to keep him home and not traumatize him with the ER. The NP called to check on him and I told her what I thought. She said that was fine and there was no need to take him for the tests (urine and blood work) if he was doing better. He still wasn't himself but he was definately improving. He was stable thrught the night so he didn't go to the ER at all.

At his 2 month check up, he weighed in at 9lbs14oz and was 21 1/4 inches long. He is still a teeny baby! :) He is finally in size 1 diapers, due to a blowout that involved poo in his hair. The NB size was fitting fine and there were no leaks and I was determined to use all of them. We got close. :)

He also had his 2 month shots. Oh. My. Lord. IT WAS HORRIBLE. As soon as his legs were pinned down, the screaming began. And he was inconsolable for about 2 hours. I was told if you nurse right after, it helps calm him down, but he wouldn't even try to latch. I gave up after about 15 minutes and just had to cuddle him. He was cleared for infant tylenol and I gave it to him the rest of the weekend.

Mommy Update:

The pre-preggo weight continues to fall off, just not as quickly. I am definately trying to get more nutrition in me, not jsut for me, but so my milk has great quality. I don't drink soda, don't eat much chocolate or sugars that aren't in fruit or low sugar foods. However, my pre-p[reggo clothes do not really fit the way they used to. I had to make a trip to Kohls that took about 3.5 hours because someone was fussy, but I got a bunch of stuff that I am really really happy with.

I got my IUD last week. I suppose it is in theory a simple procedure, but apparently I have an S shaped uterus that the Dr. kept hitting. He finally had to do an ultrasound. It took longer than it should have, an was a tad uncomfy, but I got it. How quickly I have forgotten the pain of labor! Seriously, now an epidural is all I think about the moment anything feels uncomfy.

I have everything prepped to go back to work on May 5. I think that puts me at 15 weeks of leave, 14 of them paid. I could take more, but to be honest, I miss my job. I met with my boss and we are switching my schedule and some of my responsibilities. Isaac will only have to go to daycare 2-3 days a week depending on when I can do some work from home.

And can I just say what a pain in the rear getting my SDI and FMLA pay has been. Because Isaac was early, the dates were all wonky. Let's just say I have only been paid for 24 days and I have three big fat checks coming to me. Darn it. Next time I am not filing until the baby is out. This is a snippet of my conversation with an SDI worker:

"So your baby was born on 1/26 and your last day of work was 2/6."

"Do you hear what you are saying to me? Does that make any sense to you? Do you think I pushed a child out of my vagina and went to work the next day?"

We are getting ready for the big Ohio Vacation, starting tomorrow. I am packing all day. My mom has really lightened my load by purchasing diapers, wipes, all his bath stuff, and dreft. We are packing a weeks worth of clothes and going to wash in Ohio. She also has a carseat base, a packnplay, a swing, and a bouncer. We just have to take the carseat,stroller, snugli, some toys, and th co-sleeper for the packnplay. We have his dedication on Saturday and a big family fish fry for him. :) And apparently my mother and grandmother have easter baskets for him.

Ok, this has turned into the longest post ever. Thanks for bearing with me! Here's the little big man at 2 months!


CJ said...

He's so precious!! I love the cooing! :)

The Grady Chronicles said...

Okay I know I should know this but what exactly is a let down cycle?????