Friday, April 17, 2009


While we were in Ohio, my husband and I did alot of soul-searching and discussing of what we want for our future as a family. As I have talked about before, we don't want to be in California forever for three reasons that we agree upon: 1. It's too expensive to buy a gallon of milk, let alone a home. 2. We don't want our kids (yes, plural...we do eventually plan to have more) to go to school out here. Private school is way, way, WAY too much and the state schools are not so hot anymore with all the education budget cuts and increased class sizes. 3. It's just too darn far from our families.

Because of this, we were trying to figure out our "gameplan." It made me take a hard look at my life, and where I want it to go. Everything truly changes when you have a baby, and my dreams now include a wonderful life for Isaac. I spent alot of time thinking about how I can give that to him and still balance in my own life and my husband's.

I started this blog to track my pregnancy and give updates to those far away (who, by the way, do not COMMENT!). Now that I have a beautiful baby boy, it seems fitting that it has just kind of evolved into one that tells my stories of motherhood. Being so far away from most of my friends and all of my family, I don't have alot of people to talk to, or alot of time to really talk to them with time differences and busy schedules. It just kind of comes out here. I have tried to keep my posts focused on all things baby, and my motherhood updates, but I realized that at this point, those two aspects are truly defining in who I am becoming and my/our goals. Herego, I am going to branch out a bit and talk more about a few things, including work, finances (moolah) and preparing to buy a house and for the future, my volunteer work, my hobbies (or lack there of), and of course...I will still primarily focus on my beautiful Isaac and how I am dealing with being a mother.

Ok...with that all said, there are a few more changes in me and Isaac that I have noticed. :) Prepare for an all things baby update:

Isaac does not like to burp anymore. He is so hungry, I think, that he does not want to burp in between sides. We try so hard, but nothing. Because of this, he gorges himself and then usually spits up about half of what he ate from the second side. Yes, all my clothes are starting to smell of spit-up. He even got some in my bed the other night! We aren't talking a little drool of milk here. I mean about a full ounce come flying out of his mouth in projectile format. Because of this bad eating habit, my milk supply is increasing AGAIN. Since he is feeding more often now, it is starting to wear on me again. I think I may have to pump more, just so he doesn't overeat if he isn't burping between breasts. Maybe 1 ounce since that seems to be what is coming up. I still am trying to work on the burping, but seriously....I can't beat on the kid's back for 20 minutes. Even after he is done, we have hard time getting the burpies up.

In another aspect, we are hard-core preparing to buy a house and move. That means serious saving and debt reduction. I revamped my spreadsheet of debts and interest rates and payments, and am going to take a hard look how to throw more that way. Our tax returns are really helping. We agreed to use half to pay off debt and half to save to create a cushion. That way, we can push more toward debt reduction from our weekly paychecks. (NOTE: when I talk about debt reduction and saving money, I don't intend to ever use real figures as this not a finance blog, just what we are doing to decrease debt and spending, and increase saving.) I am returning to work with 4 9-hour days rather than 5 8-hours. It's only a 4 hour a week income loss, and I think we will be fine, even with the added daycare expense. I am looking into some supplemental income options, and will post more on that soon when I am further into it. tummy is rumbling and I am starving! Time to eat breakfast before baby boy wakes up from the morning nap. :) We are going to meet with our lamaze class friends today for a walk around the nearby lake.

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