Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lazy Day

Isaac and I have been having a lazy Wednesday. We stayed in our jammies until about 12:30, and took a big long nap this morning. It is way, way, way cooler out today so I have the doors open and it is really nice and cool in the house. Isaac is currently napping (again! finally he will nap in the afternoons!) on my bed which is his new favorite thing to do. :)

When I say lazy, I guess I should clarify that I am actually getting some stuff done, like cleaning and laundry. And I have started makingmy first freeze-it-for-work dinner, Chicken Pozole. I am procrastinating doing any real work for my new side job (I will talk about it one day I swear), and instead I have decided to play around on

It just feels like such a relaxing day, and thus seems a shame to clutter it with chores and such.

Remember my project list? I did start tackling the filing one last night...and man, it has been a while since I have done that! I have stuff from 2003. And not tax related stuff. I am trying to remember my rationale in keeping it, but no can do. It's getting shredded.

I also have started to try to track down Ben's old stock option plan from his job in Ohio before we moved. I found the last statement that he received before we moved,dated for 4/2003. We moved 8/2003, so I am guessing he might have a few more shares. However, the company now has a different name, and the website provided is no longer valid. I called the company, and of course, they are closed....damn time difference. I did however, compare the stock quote from today for that company and it has tripled since receiving this letter. That is of today. I am not sure what it has done in the 6 years between, and I am not sure what happens to it when the company changes hands. I have to call the HR department again tomorrow.

Speaking of investments (which I don't do because I know nothing about them), Ben finally opened his new retirement fund with his new company! They do contribution matching (yay!) and we decided on a set amount, which is actually fairly low. We picked this amount since I haven't worked in 14 weeks, and the SDI people seem to hate on me everyday. Plus this year is debt reduction year. We can always increase it later. Anyway, the point was that he has techinically woked for this compnay for 5 years, even though he worked in a franchise store. Now he works for corporate. In order to catch him up, they took the amount we specified and retro-ed it from the number of paychecks he has received since starting there. So....yeah. It was kind of alot to take out of one check. The only good thing is that the company matched what they took so we got a good jump start on the plan.

Ok this post is boring. I have to put up a picture of my baby to reward you for reading it. :)


The Grady Chronicles said...

Isaac is totally posing for the camera! So cute!!

The Grady Chronicles said...

Okay unrelated but I need you help. How do I get Twitter on blogspot??? I can't figure it out and it is making me crazy!!!!!