Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ghost Hunters: Sebastopol

My dear husband has recently become obsessed with the paranormal every single show related to this obsession. My DVR is thus filled with such programs as "A Hau.nting," "Par.anormal Sta.te," "Gho.st Adven.tures," "Most Hau.nted," and "Ghos.t Hunt.ers (which is the only one I will watch)." These programs FREAK ME OUT. I am not saying that I do or do not believe in ghosts or demonic possession or poltergeists, etc. All I am saying is that watching hours upon hours of these programs and then being by myself most of the time kinda gets me jumpy.

For example, my grandmother gave Isaac a little musical stuffed frog that plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (or the alphabet song, whichever you prefer) when you press him tummy. When we first got the frog, you had to pound on it to get any music out of it. Well, the other night I woke up to feed Isaac and I heard the frog going off in his bedroom. And not just once, MULTIPLE TIMES. When I was done feeding him, I put Isaac back in his bassinet and went to get my pump...frog still blazing away. So I went to investigate. Sure enough, there he was wedged into Isaac's stuffed animal basket having a good ol' time. I figured that he must be wedged in to tightly and the other animals must have shifted or something from the weight of all of them. Whatever. I pulled him out and set him on top, silencing him.

Or so I thought. The next morning, what do I hear? Yep, the damn frog!!!! It kept going off at random times, and each time it freaked me out more. I don't think Ben believed me.

Finally on Sunday, the wretched amphibian went off while Ben was home. I sent him to investigate. I heard it go off several more times and finally stop. According to Ben, the music box inside had shifted and was now hyper sensitive and s slight jiggle would set it off...like slamming doors or heavy footsteps or a cat jumping on the bookcase. He put the toy into a plastic toy container up in Isaac's closet, and we haven't heard it since.

According to my paranormal investigator husband, the case of the ghost frog has been debunked. He is now ready for his own show on SciFi. :)

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