Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christmas in April....

So I do not consider myself to be a crafty type person. I made Isaac's baby shower trains, and I just finished painting a picture frame for his room, but compared to certain godmothers who shall remain nameless ( he he :) ), my craftiness could fit on the head of a pin. However, I have this burning desire to make my son a Christmas stocking. I did some browsing today via internet and I found this one that I really like from Buc.illa:

I love Christmas. I love decorating, baking cookies (which may be an understatement given Christmas cookie weekend), buying and wrapping gifts, Christmas name it and I love it. I am thinking that making this stocking will take me quite a bit of time given my new distractions and what seems to be A.D.D....seriously, right now I am supposed to be making a mexican meatloaf for dinner. And what am I doing? Shopping for a stocking that I should not buy yet and won't be able to start for about a month or so. I guess it is just my new compulsive nature or OCD to have everything done and done right now....except the meatloaf. :)
Oh! and I got my first insurance statement for my labor and delivery. The hospital billed them over 13k. My insurance believes that they only need about 4k, of which I only have to pay about $800. Whew. I was expecting way more. The Dr.'s contracted rate for labor and delivery and post partum care is covered 100% so I don't have to worry about that. Whew again. (Ps. his rate was over 5k....and he was seriously in my room for 20 minutes.) The only thing that I haven't seen yet is the anesthesiologist (sp?) bill for the happy meds. EPIDURAL = LOVE. However, I do not believe that will make up the balance of my OP max which is $2500 per year. And of that amount I had already used about 200 I think. We kept notes on every pill, pad, and napkin we used in the hospital. Everytime I asked for something or they brought me anything, we wrote it down (by we I mean my husband....I was otherwise occupied with pushing a baby from my loins). Thankfully, my madre is an insurance coder and biller, so she will go over everything before we pay a cent.

And I will close with an Isaac update and picture: the cry it out method...not working so well. I did get him to nap though (still sleeping in fact) on my bed by doing the side nurse. Another skill he has mastered at least somewhat is that when I go to change his diaper, he pulls his legs up for me once the diaper is off. :) However, he refuses to put them down when the new diaper is in place and ready to be fastened. We are working on it. He also LOVES the alphabet song. Someone gave him a leap frog toy that sings it and he laughs and laughs. I took a video but haven't figured out the software for the video camera yet.

The picture was taken by the aforementioned disgustingly talented godmother...but we love her anyway. :)

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zarafa said...

ok, that is a pretty good picture. :) he's so cute, he makes it easy though.

i'm flattered to see i've earned TWO links over there on the sidebar :)