Saturday, April 18, 2009

Through these hard times...

It's common knowledge to everyone that the economy sucks right now and that people are losing their employment left and right. Thankfully, my husband and I seem to be holding on to our jobs, but nevertheless, we are saving as much money as we can just in case (which is hard to SDI benefits just expired. I maxed out my 12 paid weeks and am now working on vacation time). However, I used to work for a company that recently made some huge cutbacks in payroll and laid off many people. This company is Victoria's Secret.

Now, I understand the need to cut back expenses in this difficult time in order to keep as many people employed and the company in the black. Recently VS did massive payroll cuts: One of my friends took a $6/hr cut. Additionally, they did major layoffs and pushed some full time managers to part time. Two women I used to work with recently were laid off. They were both with the company for over 10 years, one of them approaching 20 and was 2 years away from her retirement. VS supposedly gave them a weeks pay for each year they were with the company. However, the one woman did not get her retirement. Not a penny. AND...their benefits are being cut, or have been within the two weeks of their layoff. Both these women are over 60.

Neither woman was a manager. My friend that took a pay cut was, but that is another story. I suppose the rationale of these company decisions is that the employees with pay cuts will just deal with it because they know it is very hard to find a new job. As for the women that were laid off, I guess they think that they will be able to hire part-time employees at a fraction of the cost of these women's former salaries, but they surely have to know that they will be getting a fraction of the service quality.

These decision to do layoffs and paycuts by VS angers me for a couple reasons, not just because it hits close to home for me. First of all, I get 7 million catalogs per day. I know they have cut paper consumption and that it is a separate division of the entire company...but seriously. I know for a fact that some catalogs don't even have new prices or products, just a different presentation.

Next, CUT YOUR DAMN PACKAGING! I can use a filmsy paper bag or cheap box. I don't need a fancy box to create my own giftset. I don't need a shiny pink bag with the supermodels plastered on it. Which leads me to my next point....

DON'T PAY THE SUPERMODELS 13+million a year! Seriously, who sells more product for you, a high quality staff or an overpaid model that no one ever sees? Maybe you don't need a 15million dollar fashion show.

Bottom line: people will buy just as much from VS without those things.

I don't have a high opinion of the VS corporation anymore. I won't share my story as to how and why I left the company, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I will never work for a large retail conglomerate again, if I can help it. Sure it has its perks but the downfalls are not worth it.

Ok...I am done. Isaac and I are trying the cry it out method in attempt to get him to take a nap. Not going well thus far.

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