Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot in Here!!!

It has been 90+ degrees here the past two days. It is supposed to cool down over the next few days and possibly even rain. This wouldn't be so bad, and we are actually used to the 100+ degree dry heat summers...except we just move into a house with no A/C. To increase the horrendousness that was yesterday and today, there are no screens in the windows, so I can't open them. Well, I could but then I would be running after two feline family members outside in the heat...

Getting some sort of cool airflow, especially through our room and Isaac's room is on our list of things to do once our tax refund hits our bank. Since we rent, I don't think central air is an option, but we are certainly and strongly considering two window units. And I am calling the landlord to ask about the screens ASAP.

My husband and I grew up in Ohio, where the humidity and heat raged rampant from June to August, so we are used to uncomfortable heat. Isaac, of course is not. :( Poor baby. I have had all our fans going, and the doors open. Isaac has been in his onesie and diaper. I have been changing his diaper frequently and dousing him in powder. I have kept the curtains drawn across the big windows and closed the blinds in our rooms once the sun hits them. I have even been wiping him down with a tepid cloth. We've sat in the shade to catch the breeze. It is just so hard to hear him be so uncomfortable and not be able to help him more. We took an air conditioned car ride today, and he liked that.

I am not usually so ill-prepared for weather extremes (with the exception of the snow in Ohio 2 weeks ago), but we didn't think it would get so hot so fast. Prepping the house for a hot summer is definately on the top of the list now.

Since I spent most of the day trying to keep the baby cool, not alot else got done. We did get an HD cable box for the bedroom for the new TV (did I talk about that? Hmmmm), and I did get some bills sorted out and some stuff set up for my "supplemental income" (no it's NOT drugs!!!!). Speaking of bills, I got the official itemized hospital bill, and have sent a copy off to my madre to check over along with the list of what we used, asked for, etc. My $819 total does include the happy drip! I only had a few questions, so hopefully I can get that sorted out by the end of the week and paid before I go back to work.

Ok, my attention must be averted elsewhere....did I mention that "the" is my guilty pleasure?

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