Friday, June 27, 2008

I Hate Needles

I have decided that tomorrow morning, I am going to try to get my rear out of my wonderful Cali.fornia King, snuggly haven at an early hour and go to the hospital to get my pre-natal blood screening and testing done. The lab is open from 8am to noon, so hopefully I will make it. It has become increasingly difficult to fall and stay asleep as I am trying to wean myself off of Tyelnol PM (thanks for the insomnia gene, Mom), and given that I have to pee quite frequently during the night. Plus, Guiliani has become increasingly clingy and insists on falling asleep on my head as soon as I lay down, whereas before he waited until I was already asleep before nesting on my head.

If I do make it up to the hospital in time, I am supposed to have a regular pre-natal workup, as well as screening for cystic fibrosis and toxoplasmosis (Due to ethnicity and love of felines). I HATE NEEDLES. I get all jumpy just thinking about it. My doctor asked me to go in within a week, and I wish they would have just done it then. Now I actually have to willingly go, and have someone stick a sharp, pointy needle in my arm. It makes me nauseous...more so than I already am.

I am not worried about the outcome of the actual tests. Seeing Baby Lahman and the little beating heart was a huge weight off my shoulders and I feel a ton better. I am worried about how I am going to handle the needle. :( I may force someone to go with me. Bleah.

Additionally, my favorite lip gloss now makes me nauseous and I can't use it. I put it on this morning and nearly tossed my tacos...the smell, the taste...BLEAH, BLEAH, BLEAH. Upon further investigation, I found that I can not put any sort of chapstick, lipstick, or lipgloss with taste or smell onto my lips. Regular old lip balm it is.

Any volunteers to get their arms stuck instead of me? Anyone?

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Unknown said...

Seems like you might be in and out of the doc's office for a few months. I reccomend emla cream, it numbs the skin so you don't feel the shot. you can check it out at