Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Names

The hubby and I now spend a good chunk of time each evening thinking up baby names. He is convinced that all our children will be boys (Note: This may be my fault as I told him that he was the deciding factor in whether the babies were boys or girls...but apparently the genetics conversation led him to believe that he could just "will" the baby one way or the other). After quite a few vetoes (Imagine the scene in "Fri.ends" in which Ross and Rachel are vetoeing each other's names...really everything always comes back to "Frie.nds somehow...), we have come up with tentative, phase one names.

For one girl we came up with Madeline Elisabeth. And because of the genetic lottery of twins, which will most likely be the only lottery I will ever hit, for two girls we came up with Aimee Bella and Cynthia Rose, after our mothers. These names are only in play if there are twin girls in our future, in order to prevent carnage between families.

For one boy we have come up with Jonathon Andrew, the middle name inspired by my father, Andres. we have been unable to decide on twin boys names, but would most likely use the forementioned. We also like the name Matthew. Ben is working hard on the boy names, as we have to "find something that will look good on a sports jersey."

I have had much input from the family, particularly my little British grandmother who is higly opposed to Madeline...oddly enough. When we first told her about the baby, she insisted we find a traditional name and not one of those "modern oddities being passed off as names." Ben also claims we need a Christian name. I said that was fine unless he started to suggest things like Hezakiah and Ezekial and so forth.

Any input?


Nana said...

I think both your names -- Madeline Elisabeth and Jonathon Andrew -- are first rate. However, you may want to use the biblical spelling of Jonathan which ends in -an. My son and his wife recently named their second son Jonathan, and I have a 5-year-old grandson named Andrew and a 4-year-old grandson named Christopher Andrew. Thus the name Jonathan Andrew has special appeal for me. :-) Best wishes!

Ken said...

But you could call little Ezekial "Zeke" for short!