Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can Cats Tell?

This may seem a bit odd, but can cats tell when a woman is pregnant? Specifically, can spoiled little boy kitties tell when their overly gushing, slather them with love caretaker is housing another human being?

I have two cats. One, who is a recent addition to our family, is a small siamese mix with big blue eyes and alot of energy. Her name is Princess Layla Penelope Lahman. She is highly independent, vocal, loves to play with the other cat or just by herself, and really only wants attention when it is time to be fed. The other cat, my baby kitty, we have had for almost 2 1/2 years...Guiliani Rufus Lahman. He is black, long and lean, and very dependent on his mama. He sleeps on my head, and follows me around the house when he is not playing with Layla.

Layla is behaving the same way. But over the past few days, Guiliani has been extra clingy, extra vocal, and puts more soul into his eyes when he stares at me. It's like he knows he won't be my baby anymore, so he is trying to get in as much time as he can. Is that possible? Can he sense the impending change?

Could it be that he is feeling neglected because for the past three nights, I have been dominated by talking on the phone and have not been able to feed them as soon as I should, etc?

Yes, I really am this concerned about my cats! :)


Bodine81 said...

My brother & sister-in-law have 2 cats and when she was pregnant,they seemed to be more gentle around her belly. When they would go up next to her to cuddle, they would make sure not to step on her belly. So, yes I do believe pets know there is something going on in a pregnant woman's belly!

Cap'n Grabby said...

Our cat went batshit crazy when Beth got preggo. Before Beth got pregnant the cat was perfectly normal. But after the cat hated to be around women. The cat even went so far as to run out of the back bedroom and claw the crap out of Beth's leg on a regular basis.