Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fresh Starts

I have been wanting to revamp my blog for awhile...I have never really written for a specific purpose other than to hear the sound of my own voice. Now, with the help of Zarafa and a new is time to start Maylily's journal over. I am going to try to focus on my pregnancy, but lords knows my attention span suffers, and other stories will most likely appear. Living thousands of miles away from the majority of my family, I have been forced to swear that I will give updates regularly and post pictures, etc. to keep everyone well informed about how this midwestern princess is coping with this new, life altering, change.

So let's begin. I found out on Monday night that Ben and I were going to be parents. This was not exactly planned, but it wasn't unplanned. I went off birth control in the end of April. Neither of us thought it would happen this fast! But there I was, holding the positive test in my hand (3 minutes, my ass!) in sheer disbelief. The next day, it was confirmed by the doctor...I was indeed knocked up.

Countless phone calls, text messages, emails, and cyber bulletins later, here I sit. About 6 weeks pregnant, due on the 4th of February. (I should note that I think this date is bogus...I am convinced it will be closer to March). I haven't really had any extreme first trimester symptoms yet, so fingers crossed. I have felt a little nauseous by certain smells but I am attributing that to them being gross smells. I get waves of fatigue, but that may just be because I can be pretty lazy and can no longer drink coffee.

I did, however, experience what I am calling the first pregnancy craving. All evening, all I could think about was celery. That's right....celery. And let me just say, I hate celery.

I will finish this entry by saying that Ben and I are so absolutely thrilled and excited about our coming child. And to show that I am taking an active role in being a pregnant woman, these are the things that I hope to get done by the end of the week:

1. Call the OB that my insurance company referred me to
2. Get my prenatal vitamins (Not my fault I don't have them yet)
3. Buy non-slip mats for the tubs and a rug to cover the phone cord running across my floor.

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