Monday, June 23, 2008

Ignorance Is Not Bliss...

In recent conversations with several Ohioans, I am always asked how things are in my area because of the "gay marriage" thing. According to many, the heat wave is due to gays and lesbians committing to their life partners. I have several things to say about this.

1. Blaming the "heat wave" and/or grass fires on a gay marriage simply proves ingorance on many different levels, including meteorology, Califor.nia geography and history, and most importantly...religion and faith. Perhaps we should also say that it it is hot over in the middle east because somewhere there is a solider killing another human life. Do you ever hear people saying that? No, because it is assinine.

2. It is no hotter in Cali.fornia on average than in the past few years. Granted the temperature fluctuations are happening a bit more rapidly, but it usually breaks 110 in in June, July, and August. Do I notice an increase in temperature. Yes, of course I do because I have normal human skin that heats up in the sunlight. Do I notice an increase in a sulfure smell, because clearly hell in burning up the modern day "So.ddom and Gomo.rrah" that Bay area has become (In case you couldn't tell, that was loaded with sarcasm)? Please. Think about what you just asked me.

3. Whether or not you agree with the homosexual lifestyle is clearly up to you. You don't have to, by any means. No one is asking you to. You don't have to agree with anything you feel opposes your religious beliefs, but don't take it to an extreme in one case and let things slide in others....say binge drinking or swearing or wars or adultery. There are no perfect Chri.stians or Buddhi.sts or Jew.s, etc. Herego, don't pretend like you are so much more holy than other people.

And FYI, it was 49 degrees this moring in Son.oma, rather than the average 65 to 75. What should I interpret that one to mean?

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