Friday, January 16, 2009

What the F*** is this?!

Ok, before I got preggo, I was not the most patient person. This is one of the main reasons I could never be a teacher. As the pregnancy hormones keep ramping up, especially getting so close to delivery and given my increasing discomfort, my patience level has sunk even lower.

With that said:

I had noticed on BRU that the gym we chose for Peanut was on sale, 20% off. With that discount and several others we had, we could get the thing almost 50% off. Additionally, BRU just had free shipping on $100 orders. So, given my anal state of needing everything done and ready, we orderd the gym and a few other not so fun things, like the hamper. Now, when I registered for the hamper, I picked the ecru colored one. It also comes in blue and green and pink. I picked the eggshell because it was neutral and we didn't know if we were going to do a theme or anything yet. And this was one of those items that every color had an individual number so if you wanted a particular color, you scanned that one. When I did the order for the gym and hamper, I was looking for other thigns to get me above the $100 mark and noticed that some items, like pacifiers, said "Colors selected at random upon shipping" meaning that even though I chose the blue pacifiers or something, whoever filled the order to ship could just pick a color set at random, and it may not be the one I chose. Did it say this for the hamper? Um, no. Because again, each color has a seperate number you register for. AND, the free shipping didn't come through when I was placing the order online, so I had to call for assistance, at which time the kind salesperson took my entire order. When I received the confirmation email, it said "Folding Hamper - ECRU." So imagine my dismay when I open the box yesterday and pull out a box that says "Folding Hamper - PINK!" Seriously! WTF!!!!!!!!! Of all the colors available, they send the one we absolutely can't use. I was instantly ANGRY. Upon inspecting the packing slip and invoice, it indeed says "Folding Hamper-ECRU." I had to run some errands and was going by a TRU, so I took the heinous hamper in there. To my further irritation, they don't carry it there, because it is an exclusive BRU item. OF COURSE. The closest actual BRU store is about 35 minutes away from me. I called customer service when I got home, and I can return it through the mail and they will send a new one. However; I will have to pay shipping on the correct hamper! WTF!?! It was their error, not mine. I said to forget it, I will haul it to a store. So tomorrow on the way to pick up Z from the aeropuerto, I have to stop into the BRU nightmare. This situation did not help my patience level.

Then, today I discovered that the security deposit refund check that we had been waiting for and waiting for and finally received, DID NOT CLEAR THE BANK! Now we have overdraft protection just in case, but we only keep a couple hundred dollars in that account. Plus, since we were waiting so long for this freaking check, I had to use that money to actually pay bills, as all our other money is in a seperate bank that we don't live close to, so we don't take out. That means our checking account turned into one of those big inflatable houses with stuff bouncing all over the place. I was MAD. So I went to the bank and had them explain what happened. All they could tell me was that they had tried to put the check through twice and it would not clear. I then called the apartment manager. OF COURSE she was so helpful. She ended up checking with their bank and said there was plenty of money in the account and there was not anything she could do to help me. I stopped at home on my way to run a work errand to grab some lunch, and what was in the mail? The check! The bank had not been able to clear it because the manager didn't sign it! Needless to say, they got another phone call and we kinda got into it because it still apparently was not "their fault." I was asked if I checked to see if it signed before I put it in the bank, to which I responded "did you check to see if you signed it before you mailed it!?!" WTF!?! So now, in addition to my journey to BRU to return the heinous hamper, I have to swing by the old apartment in order to have the damn thing signed so I can deposit it again. And I fully intend to submit my fees to the manager once they are all in. I am MAD.

On the plus side: my hair cut went well and I love it. It is still long enough to put up and has style once again. Friend K asked what was wrong with it before and all I could say was "it was just overgrown." True story.

I did get alot done this evening. I am still obsessed with cleaning the floor. I also decided that the nursery furniture needed to be rearranged. I want the hamper, the right one that is, and the diaper genie to be on either side of the changing table and in order to do that, it needed to be moved. I put the bouncer together and it works really well. The replacement motor for the swing came and it is so much better and quieter. I understand that all swings make some noise if they had a motor, but this was BAD, especially hearing how much better this new one is. I have to call Graco to see what they want me to do with the old one. I also put batteries in the mobile. It is so cute! I love how it puts stars and stuff on the ceiling, although it is kinda distorted at the moment given the angle the crib is at. I will have to fix that. Baby stuff is so much fun to play with! I have to get more batteries to make sure everything works, and I still need to get stuff washed.

I also got my SDI paperwork completed and am ready for my maternity leave. My temp starts training full time next week, and that kinda freaks me out.

Ugh, I so need this fun weekend with Z, even though it is a short one! I just need to not obsess for a few days! :)

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Soooooooo irritating! My solution to the overwhelming "treats" you are dealing with....lots of crying. That is ALL I do now about EVERYTHING.