Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Things Baby

Today is our 37 week appointment! But I will get to my thoughts on that in a moment.

First things first: The Baby Shower! It was sooo much fun and I had such a great time. It was nice and small with just my friends, so it was not as overwhelming as the big Ohio shower. The most important aspect of the shower, to me, was to get to see everyone before Peanut arrives. It made me really happy to see all my friends and to have them celebrate this time with me. K did a really wonderful job hosting, and kept the cutesy baby stuff to an extreme minimum to my delight. I thoroughly enjoyed the mimosas, especially after months of no alcohol. :) And of course, my favorite part, the cake, which was D-E-LICIOUS. I still got overwhelmed opening all the's something about the bags of teeny baby things that all have to be held up to view and oohed and aahed over. I talked to Ben on my way home, and he asked what we got. My response was "um....alot of bags of baby stuff and a swing (which was the only single item I could distinctly remember)." I have to say that my very favorite part of the shower, even topping the mimosas and cake :), was having Z there. It meant so much to me that she flew in just for the weekend and that short time. She also documented the shower, so I should have pictures to post. :)

We got so many great things from the shower, really boosting my "we are ready for the baby" level. Ben, being the ever patient husband that he is (which is very hard for him, let me tell you), took me to Tar.get on Monday night to do the registry completion. He was very good in the store, most likely because we got the video camera and he was anxious to play with it. We are really excited about it because it is memory card camera and is really lightweight. Oh, and its and HD camera (which everything has to be these days with Ben). We wanted this particular one so we can send videos to the family back east and such easily. It works just like a digital camera. The baby's room is definately packed with all things baby now. We even broke down and bought some diapers. BRU was having a special that if you bought 2 jumbo packs of Pampers, you would get a $15 giftcard. I definately feel more prepared for Peanut's arrival, at least in terms of having everything he needs. We have one more trip to BRU this weekend to finish up the registry there, but all that is really left there is the jumperoo, pump and supplies, and misc. crib bedding. I have massive coupons and discounts to use there, so I am pretty sure we can get it all.

I have been hard at work in the nursery. Z made some runners for the dresser tops to coordinate with our non-theme. I will try to get pictures up. I am really happy with the way it is coming together. I got the drawer liners into the dresser and all the clothes and other cloth items need in 0-3 months are currently in the laundry line. I think awhile back I mentioned that I finally found a bedding set that I liked. The problem we were having is that we didn't want to commit to one particular theme due to my love of the ocean and boats, and Ben's love of Ohio State Football. We ended up getting the set on clearance from 99.99 to 67.99. When we went back to this week to do the registry thing, we noticed it was now 19.99! So we ended up buying another set and then I will return the one we already had since they don't do price adjustments.

Ok, the doctor: I am told he may do the pelvic exam this week. I have been have what feel like strong menstrual cramps over the past few days. I also need a rec for a pediatrician and new OB in our area. I am turning in my disability paperwork and getting all of those dates figured out. And I think I am going to ask to go on disability a week before my due date. Hopefully my BP and blood sugar are still Ok. I forgot my meter at work over the weekend and didn't get a chance to pick it up right away. Oh well.

And I think that makes this Baby Day #11. Wow.

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zarafa said...

aw, i was your favorite part?? that made me tear up a little! i'm so glad i came too. and there are lots of good pictures!