Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"No! It Just Needs to Get Done!!!!" my exclamation and response to when my husband, mother, friends...pretty much anyone tells me to chill out and just wait for stuff.

Case in point: I am all hyper about making sure we have everything the baby needs before he gets here. I know my baby shower is this weekend, but I am still making lists of what needs to get bought, how much it is, what coupons I have, etc. I have been so completely hyper about this that Ben has sworn to take me to Babies R Us next Wednesday in order to get everything on my list. Countless people have told me to relax and just wait to see what we get from the shower, and that the baby really doesn't need such and such when he is first born...blah blah blah. It doesn't matter to me. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR MY PEACE OF MIND. It seems easier to do it now then to tote a newborn somewhere to get it.

Another example: We have new hardwood floors in the house. I do not like to feel the grit and litter beneath my bare feet. I sweep the floor about 17000 times per day. And as soon as I feel the grit, it has to be swept up right away. I can't stand it. Ben thinks I am nutso. He comes in from the garage and I sweep up the dirt behind him.

There are many examples. Really I just want it done. It is the nesting kicking in full force.

In other baby news: Today is baby day #11 (I think). 36 week appointment happens at 4:20 pm. I think they do the test for Strep B, but I am not sure. I also have a long list for the doctor as to what has been happening. ALERT: what I am about to say may be TMI for some. My boobs are leaking some runny clear gel-like stuff. I have been told this is completely normal and it is just the colostrum. It still freaks me out.

I am now able to use my belly as a table. The baby doesn't like hot plates and such so I have to put a blanket over it, but it still saves me from getting out a tray, which doesn't work anyway since the belly is too big and the tray is essentially over my knees. My new favorite thing to do is grab on to his little knees when he sticks them into my sides and shake him a little. He responds by yanking away his knee and then kicking his little feet. :) I also like to push on one side of my belly and watch the other side respond.

I am not sure what is going on with the baby shower this weekend. :) It is kind of a surprise, which I am excited about. It will be just my friends which I am really excited about, especially since I haven't seen most of them in quite some time.

I have made the decision to cut my hair. It is hella long right now, and becoming a pain in the arse. It takes forever to dry and style. I am leaving it long enough to pull up when the baby arrives, but short enough that I can actually style it in the morning.

And lastly: I keep having dreams that I go into the doctor and he tells me that my fluid is low or something and the baby has to be born right now. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.


The Grady Chronicles said...

I understand- after my shower this weekend I had to go out and buy the breast pump and the video monitor....I know I will be having another shower and receiving some gift cards, but I couldn't wait. I needed to have them here.

zarafa said...

hey! i didn't know you were mediocre too :)

Open Roads Mama said...

yes, people do say that - wait until your shower to see what you get :) but I feel like you and already bought a few of the basic outfits, a little hat and mittens, etc, some necessities I just don't feel like waiting for until the last minute, I'd rather have 2 of them than not at all! ;)
I wonder how your baby shower will go and what you'll end up receiving - mine isn't for another couple of months, but I'm excited already, I love tiny little baby stuff :)