Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nursery Update

I had a very productive day today! The nursery is almost complete. I work my behind off and couldn't even relax for a nap even though I was so tired. I just laid on the couch an thought about the room. Almost all the clothes are washed, there are just two small loads left. I still need to find a rug, letters to spell his name, a trashcan, and a shelf. I am really glad I got so much done today. It really looks like a baby room now. :)

I am meeting friend H tomorrow at the dreaded Babies R Us tomorrow. I called customer service today and they were very helpful. I was looking at the overcharged items while working in the room and noticed there were new item number stickers over the old ones. This is why they didn't ring up correctly or show up on my registry. EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME ITEM. I peeled one of the new stickers off and saw the old number beneath it and matches the number and price point on the registry print out. H agreed to go with me, even though I warned her that it may not be pretty. I also need a few other little things and have a couple more things to return that after spending the day baby-fying, I realized we don't need. After this BRU trip, we are going to hit Cheese.cake Fac.tory. Screw the blood sugar, I am getting a big slice! :)

I had several dreams about BRU last night. That is just how neurotic I am these days. :(

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