Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make Me Lose Control....

...of my bladder that is. :( Another incredible sexy side effect of pregnancy. I mean, we aren't talking about peeing your pants on the daily in large quantities. Let's just say trips to the bathroom are much more frequent and long because you want to make sure everything is out. Otherwise things Not so attractive. I had to explain this my husband yesterday when we were waiting for the doctor...all about how it feels to have someone's head on your bladder.

Anyway, the appointment went really well. My BP and sugar is fine. The nurse said my BP is actually getting better. Peanut's heartrate is great and he is growing like little weed. Dr. took ALOT of belly measurements and wiggled baby around alot. He is about 6-7 pounds now, even though I lost 1.5 pounds since last visit 2 weeks ago. Dr. said it could be anytime now and talked to me about contractions and what to look for. We also had the Strep B culture, which HURT. :( If I have to suffer through diabetes, hopefully this test will come back negative.

Speaking of diabetes, all I can think about is Funfetti cake. There is a box of it sitting in my cupboard at home, screaming to be made. Maybe I could get away with Funfetti cookies?

I am getting really excited for the baby shower this weekend! :) I am also excited to get my hair cut this afternoon!

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CJ said...

I lost control of my bladder also! HA HA!! So good to have you on facebook!