Friday, January 23, 2009


Ben and I have named Baby Lahman! Yay, he has a name and we love it! But...we are keeping it a secret until he arrives. We have had too many comments on names we come up with and too many people pushing the names they like. Everybody has an opinion. :)

The doctor's appointment went well. I really, really like our doctor. He is so laid back and mellow. I can go in there completely stressed out and ramped up and he always calms me down and explains that everything is perfectly normal. I lost another pound (in a week!) putting me at a loss of 2.5 pounds so far for January. The doctor seemed very unconcerned by this and assured me the baby was growing fine. With the 12 pounds I lost in the beginning, this puts my net weight gain at 15 pounds above my starting weight. He doesn't anticipate that I will gain much more weight if any, and will most likely continue to lose weight at this point. He didn't have a ped. rec. for us, but suggested some areas to look. I will have to remember to ask the people I work with. We went over my time off, and my last official working day is 2/6. Two weeks from today. :) Originally we didn't exactly budget for this extra time, but I sooooo need the rest. This is assuming Peanut does not appear early. Oh, and I do not have Strep B, which is great because I am allergic to penicillin. No pelvic exam was done and I don't know when he is planning to do one. Part of me really wants to know if the labor process has started at all, and part of me doesn't...the part that is terrified that it hasn't and is no where close to starting. We will see next week I guess.

The nursery is coming along. I made the trip to the dreaded BRU tonight and spent.....2 hours doing the registry completion. AND....I have t go back because they overcharged me....wait for it....$10. Yep, that is just how neurotic I am feeling. Ben suggested that I call customer service tomorrow because BRU is kinda far away from us, and something tells us that TRU will not be helpful in the slightest. The good news: there is really only one thing that I wanted to get that I did not, which was the newborn bottle starter set, but we will not be needing that in the near future. I also have to do a return eventually, because I bottle a set of newborn bottle nipples that we already had. I didn't realize they came with the bottles we had. The breast pump kinda scares me, even though I have seen someone use it and know that it is not. Tomorrow is a hardcore baby room day. Hopefully I can get most of it done. :)

Also....My blood sugar as been really low today. It is suppose to be less than 90 when I wake up, which it was 87, and less than 130 an hour after I eat....and after breakfast it was 86, lunch 92, and after ice cream in the afternoon, 75. I ate dinner late, so I am waiting to take my reading. I am not sure what low readings mean, but hopefully it isn't bad.


The Grady Chronicles said...

I don't know about out there, but here you have to get a list of pediatricians from the hospital because not all pediatricians go to all hospitals if that makes sense.

2 more weeks of work! I can't believe it! That means I have about 3ish more weeks! They found a replacement teacher for me and I heard a rumor that my class is throwing a shower for me next week and my building is throwing one for me the week after. I'm like, 'wait, it's not that close yet....' :-)

I am also starting to freak out about labor. I cannot imagine being the same person afterwards... I can't wait to see pics of your nursery! We are still organizing, but hopefully I'll get some up of Tommy's room soon too!

Open Roads Mama said...

Congrats on the baby name! We too have a name picked but are keeping it a secret for now, same situation, too many people around with too many opinions and in the end, it's most important that WE like the name ;)
Thanks for your comment on baby necessities, I'll be making a list of things to get, great ideas though!