Friday, January 30, 2009

The Long Story, as much as Isaac lets me tell before he wants to eat....

First things, first: the updates... :)

Isaac is doing really well. We came home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and he had his first pediatrician's appointment on Thursday. He had dropped from 7lbs2oz to 6lbs8oz by his final hospital check up, so they had him on a supplemental formula until my milk came in. He did not like this made him gasy and he threw most of it up. He would chug it, so I had to warm it a bit to get him to slow it down. He doesn't really have any type of schedule yet. I am trying to rest when he does, but it is much to get done. Plus, I love to just stare at him when he is sleeping. He is so adorable and perfect. I can't believe he was still in my belly this time last week.

I am doing well also. I am still pretty sore, but the um...bleeding is dying off and i feel more like myself. I weighed myself today, just to see. I am half a pound below my pre-pregnancy weight with my clothes on and heavy milk boobs! How does that happen? Ben is doing fine. He is really stepping up as a new daddy, and we are figuring out a good system and haven't really barked at each other yet even with the exhaustion. He is very understanding of how tired I am, and always lets me sleep when I ask him to stay up with the baby.

Ok...the birth story. :) (Warning: many contain lots of things considered TMI)

So last Sunday I woke up to a bit more dampness than usual. I noticed a little bit of a snotty-ish discharge with some pinky streaks. I didn't really think anything of it, but gave the doctor a quick call and left a message, not requesting a call from the doc. A nurse called me back and told me to put on a pad and give it an hour or so, since I was so doubtful that it was anything at all, which I kept saying. I went to BRU to meet friend H for lunch and I felt it only fair to tell her what was going on. We stayed at BRU for about an hour and browsed, picked up some of the things I needed and got ready to do our exchange. Just as we were heading up to the checkout, I felt a large gush, like I had just peed my pants. I excused myself to the bathroom, and water had just officially broken. I noted the COAT (Color,Odor, Amount, Time) and cleaned up a bit. (In case you were wondering, which I am sure you weren' was clear and pink, very sweet smelling, alot of it, and it was 12:30 pm-ish). I went back to H and told her for sure my water had broken but I was still insistent on finishing up at the store. No joke, I had just spent all that time there and I wanted to finish.

Once we got to the car about 15 minutes later, I called Ben, who was definately in disbelief. Once I convinced him that I was indeed serious, we agreed to meet at home. I called the Dr. and left another message, this time requesting to speak to the doctor himself. H insisted on following me home to make sure contractions didn't drive me off the road or something. At this point, I felt no contractions other than the little period-cramplets I had been feeling all week. The Dr. called me back and told me that I needed to head to the hospital ASAP and that he was not on that day but would call to get updates from the on call doctor. The drive home was filled with calls to my mother, grandmother, and several other people. I need a distraction because the drive was taking a long time...I seemed to get stuck behind every single slow person. Once I got home, H helped Ben and me finish up packing (NOTE: for anyone reading this who may be packing their own hospital bag in the near future, I have a few suggestions: take your own maxis with flexi wings. The ones provided by he hospital are old school and very diaper like along with the mesh panties. They were great for the first day after delivery especially with the ice pack but after that, I felt like I was wearing a big diaper...take your own robe...way easier to nurse with a robe then undo the gown sleeves.)

We left for the hospital about 2:30...yes it took me about an hour to get home, half an hour to get ready to leave and I insisted on eating something...a milkshake (suggestion from a friend who recently gave birth). At this point I still had not changed my clothes and still looked like I peed my pants. Yes, all that time and I hadn't had the time to change. Plus I figured they might want to see the fluid...I dunno. Anyway,we got to the hospital about 3:30 and they were indeed waiting for me. The nurse put me in a gown and checked me in (yay! paperwork already in!)...she asked a few questions and confirmed that I was indeed a keeper. Ben went to get the bags and I had my first water indeed broke. I was 1 cm dialated, 80% effaced. I had started feeling some contractions in the car ride over, and timed them at about 20 seconds every 7-8 minutes.

Op...Isaac is calling! More to come. :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome sweet Peanut! :)

It's funny you had to note the COAT when your water broke - our nurse called it the TACO, which totally cracks me up every time I hear it! :)

Open Roads Mama said...

thank you for the birth story! you're a wonderful mama :)