Friday, June 26, 2009


This time five short months ago, I was happily drugged up to high heavens, slurping down jello...

a few hours, more drugs, and some hefty grunts and pushes later, out popped this critter:

Five months old today. FIVE! It seems like only yesterday, I was typing up a post about turning four months. For that matter wasn't it like last week that I was announcing someone popped out three weeks before his due date? Man, oh man, how the times races by!

The past month has seen so much growth and change, he's like a different baby. If I hadn't been there to witness it all, I would say you were talking about a different child alltogether.

Isaac eats solids like it is his job. He knows that when the high chair is pulled out from the table, and the bib fastened around his neck, it is ON! Here comes the good stuff. He is eating about 2-3 ounces of cereal per sitting teice a day and getting one cereal bottle. We conquered Rice and Oats, and are in the midst of barley. He's not such a fan (don't worry, Daddy...I am sure this is not an indicator that your son will not drink beer), so I am saying screw the barley, green beans here we come! Tomorrow afternoon the BabyCook will make it's debut on my counter and will be filled with organic green goodness. No turning back now!

Given his start on solids, Isaac is moving toward three meals a day with light bottle/boob snacks in between. Sigh....Why am I seeing him eat cheeseburgers as he drives off in his car to head to college all of a sudden?

And he's a mobile man. He still can't quite roll from belly back to belly, but he is really close. And I don't know how, but he can turn himself all around on his play mats. His thighs are monstrous from all the jumperoo action and I am afraid he is going to kick right through the bassinet walls.

Catch that? We are still in the bassinet. And I don't want to talk about otherwise until we are back from our wedding trip in 2 weeks (Hear that K? You are getting married in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

He's grabbing toys and chatting up a storm. His preferences are evident more and more everyday. He loves him some snowflakes and ducks (seriously is there a baby einstein with ducks in the snow?), his lama.ze cow, sophie the giraffe, and dancing to "front, back, side to side...front front, back back, side to side." He grabs brother and sister kitty when he can. He chats and squeals up a storm. Bath time is Daddy time, and he loves the water. We introduced bath toys last night and he is rivetted by the Mun.chkin Sq.uirters. He is fascinated by Curious Geroge and I am pretty sure his first word will be mono. Sometimes at night when he is fussing for food, I distinctly hear "Maaaaaaaaaaa-ma." He loves meeting new people and hams it up for the ladies. I'm already defensive of my handsome boy...back off girls, he's mine, all mine! Break his heart and I will hurt you...

And my favorite thing: If I lean close to him he grabs my hair with both hands and pulls my face toward his, and plants wetness all over my cheeks and nose.

He is trying desperately to sit up. When we grab his hands he starts to hoist himself. He let go of one arm and let him balance. Or he lets go because he loves the flop backwards. :) He's getting there.

He's still really small...some 3 month onesies still fit and 3-6 month clothes are still roomy on him. His feet are monstrous. His hair is lighter, and his eyes have remained blue with flecks of green and gold.

Yep, it ws just five short months ago that my life changed forever. Five months ago that I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much and so hard. There is just no phrase that fits. I just love him hardcore, my precious little pumpkin face.


Anonymous said...

Oh little peanut, you're getting so big, so fast! Happy 5 months!

Stacie said...

Happy 5 Months Isaac!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

He is getting big so fast.... sometimes, time just reaches out and slaps you in the face.

He's gorgeous, by the way! What a wonderful little man. Enjoy every moment!

The Grady Chronicles said...

He looks like such a BIG boy now! Your post reminded me of things that I need to post! Tommy also rotates 180 degrees overnight and even with the video monitor I never actually witness how that happens!

And you ENJOY that bassinet while he still fits!!! That was the hardest transition ever for me and even though he is happy and comfy in his crib and I can see him on the video monitor- I still feel so sad leaving him 'alone' in his room :(

Andrea said...

So cute! I somehow missed that he was 3 weeks early...crazy! I'll have to go back read your blog to get the whole story. :-)

How is making your own baby food going so far?