Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Because Milk Doesn't Grow On Trees!

A certain man who lives in my household who I am married to and shall remain nameless at this time does not seem to understand where breastmilk comes from. I can't tell you how many times he has seen me whip out a boob or grudgeningly hook up the pump. For that matter, he has stood right next to me when I am unpacking and pouring milk into freezer storage bags and saying how concerned I am about not keeping up with Isaac's eating habits and needs. He sees me pop the Fenugreek every night after dinner and scrub down sinks full of bottles, breast shields, and tubing. Sigh.

One would think that would lead this man to believe that breastfeeding and pumping are no easy feats and the products of said feats are a valuable commodity. Therefore the products of said feats should be treated as such.

This treatment does not involve leaving bottles from the morning on the counter with 2 ounces of milk left in them until I come home and freak out. It also does not involve deciding that you don't want to give the baby the bottles in the order the Milk Producer instructs you to do so. I defrost milk based on what the baby ate the day before with a little extra. Most times he has a bottle left from the day before that can be used for his morning bottle or cereal bottle at lunch.This means it needs to be used FIRST. Before the freshly ddefrosted milk. Again, sigh.

I have spouted the rules of no more than 5 hours at room temperature, a day in the fridge, 5 months frozen.

Seriously, the milk can't be wasted. We need every precious drop for when Isaac hits a growth spurt and Mommy takes a bit of time to catch up to him.


Anonymous said...

Girl you need to whip that hubby into shape! :) It took me a while but I think j finally figured it out. Just take him for a walk down the formula aisle and show him what you COULD be spending on that!

Does Isaac have an eating pattern? Like B is sticking to 6 oz every 3-4 hours (except at night, he sleeps all night). I read your tweet about only eating 4 oz.

The LC at our ped.'s office said to use the rule of 5's - 5 hours at room temp, 5 days in the fridge, 5 months in the freezer. That might help you from using freezer bags if you don't have to. I usually just keep it in the fridge and like you said - use the oldest first. It usually doesn't last long enough to make it to the freeze point. :) Good luck.

The Grady Chronicles said...

Oh my gosh we have had this fight. They just don't understand!!!!!!!!!!!! ^#&^&$^*#@^*( I really like Alison's suggestion about the formula aisle though. I might try that! :)

CJ said...

Ha ha, funny! Men are clueless.