Monday, June 1, 2009


That is my best stab at spelling the new farting noise Isaac has discovered he can make. It was all I heard this weekend!

And I never thought I would be saying this but I wish the sound was coming out of the end it was meant to! Baby boy hasn't pooed in 3 days, and it has us a bit concerned. Oh, the gas is there. The child could clear a room. Seriously. We have given him a small amount of prune juice, but no avail. The child is backed up. Any suggestions? Yes, I am asking for help on poop. Ah, the glamorous life I lead.

In addition to his first major bout with constipation, Isaac visited the Mar.ine Ma.mmal C.enter for the first time yesterday! He loved it. He even dressed the part, in his walrus onesie and socks from friend K, and his MMC bib that we bought him. He really liked to hear the elephant seals barking (although if you have ever heard an elephant seal, it sounds more like a monkey). And mommy loved the littled harbor seals. :) It was chilly on the headlands, but we had a lot of fun.

The majority of his 0-3 month clothes have been packed up. :( Still in size 1 diapers. And a first for mommy? Fenugreek. God bless you, fenugreek. I am definately seeing an increase in my milk supply. Again, the glamour. :)


Anonymous said...

I wish we had fun things like that here. Other than the zoo... but I guess we'll settle for that. :)

You could try the rectal temperature-taking approach? I've heard that helps to get things going. B gets extra farty too when it's been a while between poops. And then there's big 'splody poop whenever he brings back the poop. Ick.

He's so big and so cute!

Stacie said...

I recently used liquid glycerin suppositories for Laney. As a matter of fact, she was constipated yesterday and I used one.

I am not kidding you, it worked within 10 seconds. After that, all was good.

SN said...

if he's only eating breastmilk, it's apparently "normal" for them to take as long as 5 days to poop! Angus went for 2 days recently and didn't seem uncomfortabe at all, and when he finally went?...blowout city!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Thank the heavens for Fenugreek! Although, I've found that eating an entire batch of two dozen oatmeal cookies has the same effect. Fenugreek is a little more diet friendly though!

I've got no constipation advice, but our ped. has always said to bring the kids in if it's been "too long".

The Grady Chronicles said...

I was not aware of a size 2-3! Yesssss! I will be hunting that down today! I just visited the Pampers website and learned that the Baby Dry are supposed to be for nighttime.