Monday, June 29, 2009

Everyone Needs to Wear Sunscreen

Especially in Northern California! It was hot, hot, hot, scorchingly HOT this weekend.

And nothing makes a beastly hot weekend better than a teething baby boy in a house with no AC or screens on the windows for that matter.
Finally, yesterday afternoon when Ben came home from work, we broke down and bought a kiddie pool. And let me say, how they have changed since I had them as a little girl! I remember them being just big ol' round plastic pools. We were lucky if mom sprang for the one with the built in slide. They were like $5. Tar.get had no such pools. And my lord, were there ever a numerous amount of choices! Seriously, it's a paddling pool. My head almost blew up from the stress of the right investment (cause seriously they were all about $25...for a kiddie pool!). Had the hubs not been there, I would have said screw it and bought a huge rubbermaid tub.

We settled on a pool, and stocked up on more box fans. As Isaac snoozed, we set up the pool.

It's nice to know that some things about kiddie pool don't change. For example, you still have to let the sun warm the water. I am not that patient. I dumped about 5 bucketfuls of hot water in it to speed up the process.

At long last, Isaac was awake, slathered in SPF 75 (true story. although I am pretty sure anything over 35 all works the same. maybe it is just peace of mind for mothers to think that their child is covered in an invisble jacket), and in his swimmie diaper. Into the pool he went.

I should have remembered how long it took him to learn to love the bath. He was scared. I am pretty sure the neighbors had the phones in their hands to dial child services. We put him on the bath sling, but he still didn't get it. Finally, Mommy had to climb in the pool with him. In her shorts. But damn, it felt GOOD.

Once I was in the pool with him, he loved it. He splashed and swam around til the it started to cool down (love living 15 minutes from the free AC at night).

I, however did not put on sunscreen...and I got a little burnt. And PS....I really want the FP Precious Planet Magic Sprinkles pool...and tried hard to feed my addiction....alas, there were no local or online dealers. See how fancy smancy this pool is? And we picked the least extravagant one. True Story. Again, pool manufacturers who supply Tar.get...IT'S A KIDDIE POOL. FANCY NOT NEEDED!

And Friday night marked the first meal of green beans! LOVED IT! and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the BabyCook. LOVE IT! We ate rice cereal and green beans for dinner the past 3 nights. A few more nights of the beans we will move to carrots, I think. :) And let me note, my husband is only brave enough to spoonfeed when I am standing right there.


Stacie said...

And I was complaining WITH the A/C on all day yesterday. I was able to get the temp down to 72 degrees inside, but by time evening hit, our house was at 82. 106 at 8:30 PM is RIDICULOUS. I hate Northern CA heat.

That pool is so cute. I love the picture of Isaac laying on the sling in the pool.

The Grady Chronicles said...

LOVE the idea of the bath sling in the pool!!! Our Target pool was only $12, but I'm sad to report that its size does not permit me to get into it with him.