Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Want That!!!!!!

We try to eat dinner as a family, but it has been hard since Isaac joined our dinner party. :) Of course, he always gets fed first and most times that means Ben eats while I feed the baby boy. Ever since he has been big enough, we have been sitting him at the dinner table with us in his high chair (when possible...sometimes it's just not.). And lately, he has been eyeing our spoon and forkfuls of food and practically drooling over Mommy delish cooking (true story). One morning while nursing on the boppy, a certain little man went as far to grab my oatmeal laden spoon and pull it toward his little mouth.

After this, I decided to give the cereal off a spoon a whirl...all the signs of being ready were there...and boy, was he ever ready! We have been doing it for about a week, and it is going AWESOME! Isaac took to the spoon like a fish to water, no problems. As soon as he goes in the high chair with a big ol bib on, he knows something good is coming his way! He recognizes the spoonful of cereal at the beginning of the feeding, and before I know it, his little mouth is wide open and saliva is dripping down his face in anticipation. :) He is however, a messy eater, like his Daddy.

His eating repetoire now goes a little like this: big breakfast of both sides of the milk factory, mid-morning snack of about 3-4 ounces, lunchtime rice cereal 4 oz. bottle or 2 oz.rice cereal from spoon, afternoon snack of 4 ounces, dinner of both sides of milk factory, before bedtime oatmeal cereal bottle.


Stacie said...

First, Isaac has beautiful eyes!

Second, how precious is that that he's eating his cereal from a spoon. Isn't it amazing how they just know what to do with it for the first time?!

Have you tried mixing any pureed fruit in with the cereal?

The Grady Chronicles said...

Oh my! He is SO adorable! I am reading Super Baby Food to try and prepare for this, but it seems so overwhelming right now!