Monday, January 24, 2011

The P Word

Potty training. Ah, potty training. Where to begin? When to begin?

About a year ago, I wrote about how Isaac was learning he actually had bladder and bowel movements. Since then some progress has been made. Or so I hear. Apparently there have been occassions that Isaac has asked to go potty and then done his business on the big boy potty. He does not do this for me, so I like to think that people are making this up. I mean, I am his MOTHER. I am really the only person he needs to worry about impressing at this point. He should have figured out by now that MOMMY is the one with all the power in the house. And that the little girls at daycare aren't impressed by controlled pottying. They might be, but I don't think so.

Anyway, Isaac still sits on his potty for about 2 seconds before he gets in the bath. However, he has figured out that he just gets in the bath alot quicker if pees in his diaper beforehand. He knows what his potty is for.

He started pooping in the bath. It's gross. Nuff said. It tramatized him because when he did it, I FREAKED OUT ON HIM. I mean, he wasn't sick. Because that I understand. He intentionally pooped in the bath. So when he did it again, he was scared and started crying immediately. This time I don't really know if it was on purpose or accident. Can you ever really poop on accident if you aren't sick? Let's not answer that.

So anyhoo, Isaac totally understand the feeling of these bodily functions. He tells me all the time when he goes potty, and if he's really uncomfy, he asks me to change his diaper. He knows how to pull his pants up and down (Note: this is not a new skill). He knows how to wipe and flush a toilet. He knows how to climb up on his step stool and wash his hands. He gets it. And his daycare has the cutest mini toilet I have ever seen. It's like a shrinky dink toilet.


I have no idea how to really, actively start potty training. I think he is almost ready. But I don't want to push him and somehow scar him into using diaper until age 5. We talk about it.

And then, on Saturday I got so help. A clear message was sent.

We were at the park, Isaac running around and playing. All of a sudden he made the poo-poo face. He ran into the corner of a play house. He came out a few minutes later and goes "mama, poo poo." I asked him if he wanted to go to the car and change his diaper. He said no. I asked if he was uncomfy. He said no. I figured it would not hurt to let him play some more. He ran into another play structure shortly after. A few minutes later, I hear "eww....who farted?!" the bigger kids (and by big i mean 3-5 year olds) continued to debated on where the smell was coming from. They figured out it was Isaac. He emerged, clearly embarassed, and came up to me. "Mama, diaper. Go bye bye now. All done poo -poo."

So we left. But with that little extra push, I think we will be seeing some active potty training in our near future.

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andrea said...

good luck. PT scares me!