Monday, January 3, 2011


As we are racing two the 2 year birthday, Isaac has hit a MAJOR mommy attachment phase, one I thought we might bypass. None such luck.

And it's a pretty bad attachment. I saw it starting before Christmas, right when he got sick. We pretty much camped out on my bed and watched "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" and napped for 3 days straight. He got a bit anxious and whiney when I would get up to get food, a refill on his drink (or mine for that matter), or to go to the bathroom. If my phone wasn't in the room with me, forget it, most likely I wasn't answering calls (which I didn't anyway). I attributed this to being sick. I mean, everyone wants their mommy when they don't feel good right?

Well, then he got better. But the attachment got worse. It's gotten to the point where I can't be more than 2 feet away from him, if that. And that is a generous estimate.

Let me clarify. When he is at daycare, he's fine. When he is with his dad, fine. When I am around, not fine. Seriously, it gets ugly and really fast. Most times, he wants to be ON me. On my lap, on my hip, doesn't matter. He wants me to hold him and carry him around. Now the list of things I can do one-handed since having a child is quite extensive and impressive. However, this list grew when Isaac was itty bitty, NOT pushing 30lbs and wasn't so tall...meaning...he's cumbersome to lug around after 2 minutes. If I don't pick him up, he screams. Like throws himself onto the floor and SCREAMS.

I don't give in all the time. I know it's not good for him, and I know (PRAY) that he will outgrow this and soonish. If I am on the couch, he has to sit on my lap or right next to me. If I am in the kitchen, he's in the kitchen. If I am in the bathroom, yep...he's in the bathroom. The other night when Ben was home, I just wanted 2 minutes of peace and I went in the bathroom and shut the door. Within seconds of realizing that I was no longer in the same room as him, Isaac raced to to closed door and began screaming for me. He pounded on the door, and wouldn't let Ben pick him up. Upon coming out, I found a snot-dripping, red faced, tear streaked little boy. Another night, I was literally walking around my (give it large-mongous) bed to put clothes away in the closet and he FREAKED because again, more than 2 feet away.

Sooooo....any suggestions on how I can hurry this phase along? I won't lie, sometimes it is nice. Like the other night when we were watching Toy Story 3 and he cuddled up next to me. But those times when I just can't get  him, and I have to walk into another room? Those are the times I need advice.


Anonymous said...

Evie had the same problem. It seemed to help when I would set a timer and warn her that I was getting up when the timer went off.

Stacie said...

I wish I had some helpful tips for you. I have a shadow, but that's about it.

Have you done any reading online about separation anxiety in toddlers?