Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curses! Foiled Again!

Along with "Eureka! I have found it! ", this is one of my favorite things to yell out while shakng my fists.

Anyway, I like to hold things over my husband's head as far as Isaac is concerned. It's not that I want him to be a bad parent, or even have the slightest inclination to think that he is. I just like to be the stellar mommy. And I like my husband to know how damn hard it is to be at home with a baby and keep the house from looking like a bomb hit it and keep the cats alive and make sure there is food to eat, etc. So there are certain things that I can get Isaac to do that he can't, that just make me feel better about myself as a parent.

One of those things was Isaac's three hour naps that allow mommy to sleep. Notice I said WAS. On my days off, I can ALWAYS get Isaac to go back to sleep in the morning after he has been awake for a couple hours. And then he sleeps for about 3 hours. It's marvelous. Ben could never do this. He would get maybe an hour, tops. And while I sympathized because I know what it is like to have a fussy, cranky, tired baby, I secretly gloated because I had special magical mommy powers.

And then on Monday, aka Daddy Daycare Day, I came home to a sleeping crew. Upon waking up, I asked Ben how long they had been sleeping. His reply? Since about 2. IT WAS ALMOST 5.

Dammit! He figured out the secret!
The picture is a little skewed cause they were laying on the reclining sofa. And Isaac had jsut woken up and looked irritated that I disturbed his nap. Yep, he likes to be snuggled against your side. After he falls asleep, I always move him because I can't nap like Ben can. At least not comfortably in that position.
Anyway, NOT FAIR! I mean come on. He already says "Dada." (Well, he says it at everything...ex. "Isaac, what is the kitty's name?" "Dada!")
Ben also taught him to high-five. If you hold up your hand and say "Isaac, high-five! Gimme five!", he will slap your hand and laugh. It's adorable.
In other news, my mother is coming today. Given this, yesterday Ben took some baby stuff (aka 3 ginormous rubbermaid containers full of NB-6 month clothes, blankets, swaddlers, etc.) to the basement. And then he took it upon himself to take the bassinet down too.
GASP! He told me over the phone, and I almost started crying at work. Seriously.
I know it was time. And Isaac hasn't been in his bassinet for MONTHS. It has just been sitting against my bedroom wall, empty. Well, not empty. I holds my sweater and our throw pillows....and maybe some other stuff that I am too lazy to put away. But I just wasn't ready.
So when I went home I stared at the place where it had been, now replaced with our hampers, and held an imaginary newborn in my arms and teared up.
Ben was understanding. I asked him why he took it away. He ahd a great answer in saying he was already putting away masses of baby gear, so it might as well be together. And also that he new I wouldn't take it down on my own.
Again, sigh. He does know me well.

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JP said...

Ahhh, he's a snuggler. Mine is not - once she's tired, she wants to stretch and twist and turn and roll until finally - she passes out! It must be nice!