Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A friend commented that I have alot of blogs on my blogroll. Yes, yes I do. And yes, I keep up with most of them.

No, I really do. I may not read them all every single day or as soon as there is a new post. I don't get a chance to comment on every single post that I would like to. But, each day I pick a few and catch up on them. I laugh at other's witty antecdotes and jokes. I smile at their pictures. My heart breaks for their sorrows. For the time that I am reading, I get to escape my life and step into someone else's.

There is a reason I read each and every blog on my list.

And those blogs are pretty diverse across the spectrum. Some of the mommy-blogs I read are those of people who deal with infertility and tought pregnancies. This was not my situation, but I read them because those women inspire me. I appreciate their perservance and their desire to have children. I read anxiously for their announcements of pregnancies. Although their stories are not related to mine in certain terms, we all have one thing in common: We love our babies and are trying to relish every day we have as being a mother. There are mother's on there that had babies within days and weeks of Isaac's birth. We share their growth and development. We talk about our struggles as new parents. We seek the advice of our peers and those who have been parents longer than we have. I read what mothers of several children have to say. The bottom line is that now matter how we got to be the mother we are, we are mothers in the same.

And that it the key. We are separated by miles upon miles, and in all actuality will most likely never meet one another. But we know each other. And we are not alone.

I am pretty much separated from all of my friends and family but thousands of miles. Even my friends in California are a good couple of hours around me. I don't have alot of people around me who can help me in my life on a day to day basis. Not the way that family and close friends can. I don't like to feel alone. So I blog.

I blog for me. I blog to get out the story of my life so if friends and family want to read it, it's there. I blog because I am pressed for time and can't call each and every person I want to every day to update them on our life as parents. But my blog provides a place that they can go at their own leisure, if they so desire.

I read the blogs of friends who aren't parents. I read about their lives and where they are going, what they are doing. I feel more in touch and more grounded.

And these people who share their lives, these wonderful people who write the blogs that I read...they keep me from feeling completely alone. They provide me with answers, with guidance, with an outlet. They tell their stories, and I tell mine. And we are never alone.


Anonymous said...

I always find it amazing when non-IF'ers read IF blogs. Sometimes it's easy to forget we all have more in common than we think. Love the little reminders.

p.s. the verification word is "manco" and that made me laugh. ;)

mommaruthsays said...

We are a tangled web of mommy-bloggers just doing our best to survive! Keep blogging away - we'll be here for you!!!

Open Roads Mama said...

Share your feelings, I feel blogging keeps me connected with special people out there! I love reading my special list of blogs, and yours is definitely there too! :)

The Grady Chronicles said...

It is hard to explain to the non-bloggers of my life how I feel connected to people that others would consider complete strangers because they have never met me, yet I consider them friends. I MISS the blog and blogger friends when I can't get to it....

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

I haven't had much time to blog or read blogs lately, OR tweet, for that matter. I've realized how very much I cherish the community I've found online. Even if not everyone "gets it"!

mccashew said...

I think based on this post that you might be interested in participating in something new I am creating over at McCashew. Could you shoot me an email for the deets? mccashews@gmail.com