Monday, October 26, 2009

9 Down, 3 To Go

As of today, I have made it through 9 months of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and pumping. That means I only have 3 to go. Does this mean I am in the homestretch?!

I feel rather accomplished. I never knew the breastfeeding was so intensive. I thought it would be easy. No seriously, I did.

I was not prepared for all the hormone surges and shifts. All the pain. The 2 cases of slight mastitis, which were HORRIBLE, and I can't imagine having a severe case. All the milk stained clothes.

About a month ago, I hit a wall and got lazy. I didn't want to pump, because let's face's not fun. It seemed tedious and I just started slcaking off...and then so did my milk supply. And then I FREAKED.

So the next week or so was spent revving up my milk supply. I went back to taking Fenugreek relilgiously. I added an extra pumping session into my day. After Isaac nursed, I pumped. Lo and behold, the milk came back. It still is nothing like it was when he was a newborn, but it's enough to make me feel confident we will make it to the 1 year mark. We will most likely switch to just pumping around the 11 month mark, to fully transition Isaac to bottles. He still retaliates against them from time to time. Mostly when he is really tired or feeling sick.

Yay me! 9 down...3 more to go. The finish line is in sight.


mommaruthsays said...

you're almost there! and congratulations on being a successful breast-feeding momma! I didn't try nearly hard enough to breast-feed my daughter - but with my next one I fully intend to do better!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

I applaud your effort! I nursed and pumped until Blythe was 14 months old, and then the old boobs just up and died. It was a sad day, seriously, but at the same time? So liberating to finally be free of the pump!

Way to go!